Well I never , but then I did.

Went for a gentle 6 mile paddle on Hartwell today. I was in the Eddyline Carribean for the second time.
About half way through, I couldn’t stay seated upright, no matter how many times I returned to the position. This was my 2nd paddle since last October and a couple of surgeries so I thought it had to be me.
Try paddling lying close to horizontal. I was beginning to think I might need help to get back.
I kept shifting position and suddenly I was in the lake. After this was over, a paddler told me I looked very comfortable floating. I was because I was wearing my PFD. I knew it had my back.
With other’s help I got back in , more on, the boat and got a tow to the ramp.
The problem was this boat has a molded piece of plastic that the seat sits on. It had completely separated from the hull. No wonder I was sliding .
It will be reglued with a cement I trust.
And I will continue to wear my PFD.

Glad you’re okay, string, but it’s unacceptable that the seat separated from the hull on a new boat. You need to let Tom Remsing of Eddyline know - include your HIN so they can do internal tracking.

Maybe it’s supposed to slide so seniors feel like they’re in their favorite rocking chair.

@DrowningDave said:
Maybe it’s supposed to slide so seniors feel like they’re in their favorite rocking chair.

We have power recliners now…

Welcome to the swim team. My first swim of the year was in April - always good to get it over with.

String, you story reminds me of my last paddle on my ski. Nice to have the PFD when tired out and in the water. I bought a new boat as soon as I returned to shore.

When yo crossed by sa Eddyline,
In sa Caribbean meanz one ting, (mon)
Meanz’at yo Eddy, heez’ain’t yo steady.
Sumpthin’ beez pull’n yo string. (mon)

Koyaanisqatsi? I Hopi not.

Straighten up and fly right
Cool down papa, don’t you blow your top.

That seat shouldn’t have failed. Very disappointing! glad all’s well that ends well!

And the water felt great.