Wenonah 17’ Spirit ll Tuf-Weave price advise

Hello! I found a used Wenonah 17’ Spirit ll Tuf-Weave for sale on Facebook and I’m looking for advice on the asking price. It seems to be minimally used, the hull has scratches but all seem to be cosmetic, and it has always been stored indoors (no idea if hung, on a stand, etc). It was originally purchased in 1997.

They have it listed $1000. It is in good condition for the age. But I have a gut feeling $1000 is a bit much for a 26 year old canoe. Any advice on the pricing?

Any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance for the help!!

I have an 88 Spirit II in Tuf-Weave - its a great boat. I had it out yesterday on the Charles River. Mine has bucket seats with a slider in the front and foot brace in the rear, so perfect to sit-and-switch with a bent shaft paddle. For me it is a lake boat or an open water tripping boat. I’ve put a few scratches in it, so I’m pretty careful about taking it out on shallow, rocky rivers. If it is in good shape, I wouldn’t worry too much about the age - mine is 35-years old and going strong. I don’t think $1,000 is a bad price for that boat - I spent $1,000 for a 20-year old Bell Wildfire and it was worth every penny. Having said that, you can easily find a tandem canoe for a lot less than $1,000. If you are just looking for a beater-boat, or are looking to paddle shallow, rocky rivers, you should definitely move on. If you have your heart set on a nice lake cruiser, I’d say go for it.

In the Spirit II yesterday
Erik and Bill

It sounds like the boat is easily worth $1000. The age is irrelevant for a boat that has been stored inside. A new one costs $3749 + tax + delivery. I recommend that you move fast before someone else buys it.

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