Wenonah Canak

Any opinions. Have searched archives. Mostly dated. Thanks

Interested in what you find out

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Only have heard reports from someone that uses it for fishing not much else. I would buy one if they offered it with a rudder. Would make a nice touring boat for the Everglades.

feeling that it would make a fair camping/fishing boat for these parts. Do still have your kestrel?

Yes I do! Just had new wood gunwales installed so it should still keep on going for a few more years. Would sell it if info on the Canak made it a boat that could replace the Kestrel. I know, two different animals.

I want to try the Mini Canak.
I think the regular Canak would be too large for me.

I have the Mini…
15ft, low bow and stern heights (12.5in) for low sail effect, tracks very nicely with a camping load (single or double blade paddle), 39lb so not too heavy, adjustable tractor seat for trim adjustment - all positives; but … Not so easy to transport (especially for longer distances). Like a kayak for portages, and needs a kayak cradle for roof-top carry, where it doesn’t ride well. Also not real happy in rougher waters (wind generated chop on a larger lake, paddled empty). Boat was comfortable on the shallow rivers of the Ozarks and IMO would be suitable for camping trips with shorter portages (or with a wheel cart, NOT permitted in designated wilderness areas). As always recommended here, try before you buy if you can.


Why not carry & car top like canoe?
Are your load bars too far apart for gunwale down car topping? I thought that was supposed to be the standard car top method for the Canaks, like any other canoe.

Also, doesn’t the standard Wenonah aluminum portage yoke that secures to the aluminum slider frame work on the Canaks? I thought that was also a selling point.

Maybe I misunderstood the advertising and reviews.

The only decked canoe that I was aware of that needed to be car topped like a kayak was the Clipper Sea 1.

Thanks for the feedback on the handling. One of my main concerns with the Mini Canak is whether it would turn as easily as I like my canoes to turn. I’d have to get some seat time to know that.

Yanoer the Canak has the same hull
shape inwater as the Prism.

I would guess you have tried the Prism. Mini ought to be like the non existent Mini Prism.

I’ve never been in a Prism.
Always assumed it would be too big for me.

Canak hull is based on the Prism, not identical to it. Prism is what it’s most similar to, from what I understand.

didnt say it was identical

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but with the same though a little downsized hull shape you can expect the same sort of hard tracking. See pblancs post from last year.

I don't think that I could load gear in it for a ten day Everglades trip due to hard sided water bottles being tall for the covers..

Soda bottles just would not do without sealed hatches. The animals would get in..

Wenonah canyak
I have never paddled one, and most likely never will.

My first opinion of the canyaks were; if you want a canoe, get one. If you want a kayak, get one. In the long run, you’d probably be happier. Don’t buy into a slick sales pitch.

I am of the opinion that the boats in question are overpriced, and seldom used by their buyers.


its more of a sea canoe
and if it were properly outfitted with a rudder could be a nice craft for exploring calmer bays and ocean with its reduced windage

I converted to sea canoe from kayak because the seating is higher in the sea canoe than in the kayak. But sea canoes are rare and pricey.

There are a bunch of types of canoes, but some seem fixed in their ideas of a canoe.

for the Canak but adding a cover to a high end Placid as well as shipping drives up cost. You could probably retrofit a smart track rudder to the Canak as the accessible hull should be easy to work with. Piragis has several used Canaks on sale each season.

I’m betting…
I’m betting that there are a lot of very lightly used Canyaks for sale. For sale by buyers who bought into the hype & didn’t try one…before they bought one.

Have same opinion about Old Town Next.


I hope so.
I actually think I would like a bargain Canak.

Local paddle shop owner uses a 16’ Canak sometimes. I’ve paddled next to him a little and have a fair idea how it handles. It is fast, and it seems to track really well. It doesn’t suffer in the wind, that’s for sure.

It certainly has it’s place, although the price makes it unattractive to most. I’d snap one up at the right price for use on our larger lakes. Can’t justify the high price though, since open water isn’t where I spend most of my paddling time. If I had to give up the sailboat though…

Fast ?
Think it will outrun a Dagger Sojourn?


I think it would work

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For my long 10 day trips, I just take the hard sided water container and put it on it's side and it is below the rails on my Kestrel. The specs have the Canak 16 @ 12.5" at center. My 7 gallon blue container on side is only 10.5" This usually is placed closest to me. The 15 Mini Canak would probably work well for me.

I think it would work very well for the Everglades with a rudder and gel coat instead of skincoat on hull. The price is similar to a high end kayak. But way more comfort and less hassle to get things out of the hatches.

Almost never any for sale.
It seems that most hold onto them.

The outfitters seem to sell out of their used rentals very quickly at the end of the season.

I would think so, with equal paddlers.

Based on what yanoer?
Have you ever paddled a Sojourn, Prism or a Canyak?