West Side Boat Shop Website

I wasn’t aware that Doug Bushnell had finally created his own website. I was checking it out and it looks pretty good.

Here the link: http://www.westsideboatshop.com

The old boy finally got a website!
I bookmarked it. Bet a ton of folks have as well. Thanks.

Been on for three months already.

love that man
I have a t-bolt and eft. Amazing how his boats have changed the world. He owns 2 classes at usca nationals and blackburn. The eft with understern rudder might be as stable as glider and turns like a ferrari. I added front and rear bulkheads because safety is a big deal for me out in the middle of the St Lawrence.

I love the sheer speed of those two. Have you had to extend the seat pan with minicell at all, though? Tried a Wave Exceed for a time trial and my legs went numb, making it next to impossible to operate the tiller bar. Boat was pretty stable and had incredible glide though.

Shhh! dont tell him! (NM) :wink:

yes foam
For my 9 hours of 70 miler added 2in thick by 12 in by 12 in white ethafoam. Hurt my back 5 years ago trying to empty water out of t-bolt. I love bulkheads! What do you think of k1 seat? www.canoeregatta.org

2004 Blackburn
Hi Dave,

I was curious why you used your EFT/Wing in the Racing Class of the 2004 Blackburn rather than your Thunderbolt, or enter the Touring Class with the EFT and Euro paddle.



thunderbolt and other boats?
What are design differences between Thunderbolt and other similar boats from WSBS, like Wave Exceed or Wave Excel? All these boats are described in both a catalog and website in quite general terms as great for everything. It seems that Thunderbolt is the most popular.

I wonder which boat would be the most suitable for long distance racing (~100 miles): much lower speed than in shorter races. Does a longer hull still offer an advantage?

WSBS Design Differences

All of the long WSBS boats are race-bred, meaning they have race-boat features which include light weight, rounded hulls, racing footbraces, tiller bar steering, hung seats and legs-free paddling position.

The E.F.T. differs from the narrower, faster Wave Exceed and T-Bolt in that it has 2" greater beam (overall and 3" waterline) giving it higher volume and greater stability but slightly slower speed. But other than dimensions, the designs of the T-Bolt, Exceed and E.F.T. are similar: in addition to the aforecited racing features, all incorporate similar bows and have prominent rocker and responsive rudders. The hull of the E.F.T. in particular is flared above the waterline, providing greater secondary stability.

All of the long WSBS boats are obviously fast. FWIW, Doug Bushnell says the Thunderbolt is 20 or 30 seconds per mile (I forget which) faster than the Exceed - a big difference for racing. Bushnell claims the E.F.T. - the slowest of the above three boats - moves the cruising speed range to 6 - 7.5 mph which is faster than most and maybe all fast traditional sea kayaks.

Personally, for ultra long-distance paddling in the range you’re talking, I would sacrifice top-end speed for greater stability - meaning I would go with the E.F.T. vs. the T-Bolt. Unless you plan to paddle 100 miles so hard that the greater speed of the T-Bolt would matter, which I doubt. If you’re in shape (I assume you are) you should be able to sustain a very respectable speed in the E.F.T. over a long distance as it has a very efficient yet forgiving hull and is easy to paddle fast for long periods and you won’t be as concerned with stability as with the Exceed or T-Bolt.

Put it this way: If you could average 6 mph - the low end of the cruising speed range of the E.F.T. according to Bushnell - for 100 miles, I doubt there are many who would be with you at the end.

(If I’m wrong please correct me.) And I would not imagine the hull efficiencies of the E.F.T. and the T-Bolt would be very different at that speed.

Hope this helps.

Regards, Ferd

WSBS Design Differences
Thanks for you comments. I understand differences between T-Bold and EFT, but I still don’t know if there are any major differences between T-Bolt, Excel and Exceed. Just length?

West Side Boats
No, the volume is different too as well as length.

Notice how the deck is “bulging up” or flat.

WSBS Design Differences

FWIW, Bushnell says the T-Bolt and Exceed have similar stability. This is not surprising since their beams (overall and 3" waterline) are identical. I can say from having paddled the Exceed that it is definitely tippier than the E.F.T.

I have no experience with the Excel so can’t help you there.

Regards, Ferd

Have you tried the Wave Piercer/Pacer?
The site lists under two names what might be the same boat.

Anyway, it looks like might be a fun daytripper/fitness-and-play kayak for a small paddler. Have you paddled it? Would it be suitably sized for a 110-pounder, 5’2"?

Wave Piercer

I never heard of a Pacer by WSBS, only the Wave Piercer. My guess is that it’s a typo.

I have never paddled the Wave Piercer so cannot comment on it personally. Here is what Bushnell’s catalog says about the Wave Piercer:

“You have all waited for this one. A super fast rough water racer/tourer. Developed to meet three parameters - ocean racing, fast touring, aerobic training. Stable enough for ocean waves - yet at sub-sprinting speeds is compatible to an olympic racer. A rounded hull with flare, large cockpit, hung seat for hip control, capable of being eskimo rolled. Rudder as an option. Meets olympic specifications.”

As far as suitability for a smaller paddler, I would suggest you contact Bushnell and discuss this with him. I say this because a person of your weight might be a bit light to sink this boat deep enough in the water for reasonable stability - and IMHO this could be particularly true for a boat as narrow as the Wave Piercer (15" waterline beam.) If so, then possibly a boat with some combination of lower volume and/or greater waterline beam might be worth considering.

So if you’re thinking about a Wave Piercer, I would first talk to Bushnell and see what he recommends. Or demo one if you can and test it for yourself.

And while you’re on the phone, be sure to ask about the “Pacer.”

Good luck.

Regards, Ferd

I have a terrible time trying to surf a t-bolt with kickup rudder. The rudder is out of water and boat wants to be paralell to wave. I love the kevlar eft with understern and kickup rudder( yellow top and bottomis very visible to power boats). Switching back and forth can be a 4 hour nightmare. So anyhow eft with understern is wonderful in deep water. Can only paddle with wing and was really discouaged to improve blackburn time by 30 minutes and still finish almost last in race class because water was so flat it was a flatwater race and the t-bolt people could could sprint and not have to be defensive about balancing- except when big , fast lobster boats almost run you over. And the last mile of the race is thru very crowded harbor. lighthouse to lighthouse race is safer and cheaper.

Dave -

I take it you have a kevlar EFT with understern rudder? Just curious what the kevlar version weighs.

My EFT is kevlar/carbon and weighs 31 lbs. It has the understern rudder which is extremely effective, turning the boat with no problem in the strongest winds I’ve had it in, probably around 30 kts. - and I think it would handle more.

I briefly experimented with Bushnell’s cutaway rudder (thought it might reduce drag) but found it not as effective as the original larger blade rudder. I found I had to manipulate the tiller bar more with the smaller rudder blade so switched back to the larger one which I much prefer.

You say you use only a wing paddle with your EFT. What do you do in really big water?

I have an Epic large and mid wing paddle and a Lendal Powermaster and use all of them with my

EFT. For flat or moderate conditions I prefer the wings, but go with the Powermaster for its bracing in bigger stuff.

FWIW Bushnell says the Powermaster was the world standard racing blade before the wing came on the scene and it’s easy to see why - it’s a honkin’ paddle. At 212 cm. I think its resistivity is probably similar to my large blade wing at 211 cm. Altho the Powermaster is heavier than the large blade Epic wing, I don’t consider it a big deal.

I’ve had my EFT almost a year and per my log have paddled it more than all my other boats combined. No doubt about it, this boat is a great combination of speed and stability, rewarding to paddle and that makes me gravitate to it for most of the paddling I do.

Regards, Ferd

I love the long narrow turbo wing because of no pain because it does not really catch until it gets close to you. Same effect as euro. Never paddle in more than 20 knots because I fear paddle might be ripped out of hand. Kevlar weighs 2 or 3 more # but is safe and so visible and pretty. I love the eft with front and back bulkheads.

EFT bulkheads?
Does EFT have both, front and back, bulkheads or these are homemade?

homemade bulkheads for west side
Because I work in glass factory I get a scrap pass for 2’’ thick white ethafoam then use 3M glue and they work great. Because of cables, maybe the rear bulkhead leaks a pint per minute if boat is really submerged. Then I empty out the water with the plastic 3 in drain plug in the foam. Dear old Doug is so great at rolling,etc he does not need insurance. I am an old guy who hates the pain of being rescued . Also added thigh braces to both boats. I love Doug, such a great man but his boats are better and safer now. Could send you foam for bulkhead if you send address.