Wet Suit Ripped to Shreds

My wet suit got ripped to shreds and I was wondering if there is anyway to repair it. What happened was I was in the shower with my wet suit on giving the cat her bath as I normally do and everything was going fine until the shower door somehow slammed shut. The cat paniced and neither one of us could find the door to get out. Anyways my wetsuit in now in pieces. All I can say is thank god I was wearing my helmet.


Here’s How…
…you’re SUPPOSED to wash your cat- much easier on the wetsuit:


Pete in Atlanta

Thanks but
not certain what a cat joke has to do with repairing neoprene. I was quite serious as I used my wetsuit to save on hot water. Appreciate your reply though.



No wonder!
You give your cat a cold bath?

I just can’t get a picture of what you were doing with a wet suit on, to save hot water, while giving your cat a bath. I think we need a little bit more explanation. And I am quite serious too! (and amazed at this posting–like I have a strange quizical look on my face right now–

Which I think pretty much accounts for paddlinpete’s original reply to this…

kinky to me. Each to their own.

Aquaseal Or Neoprene Cement
can be found in dive shops. These are applie to the edges of the rips and push together (or tape together). When dry the bond usually is pretty good. HOwever, if you got chucks of neo missing, that isn’t going to work and you may have to find a scrap pieces to make patches using the same glue/cement.

I am staying away from how this predicament came to be.


Agre with
the AquaSeal. If you follow the directions, the repairs will hold up really well. If you are missing material, you will need to replace it from somewhere.

Re: jbh8462
Sorry jhb8462—I didn’t know your rules about posting. Didn’t know that only one person is allowed to reply. I won’t do it again.

Posted by: jhb8426 on Jul-24-05 12:33 AM >>>(EST)

Which I think pretty much accounts for paddlinpete’s original reply to this…

Uh, that must be some HUGE cat!
I can’t imagine how a cat can rip through neo unless it was a VERY thin neo or some monstrous cat! HAHA!! Rule #2- don’t get in a shower with a cat…they feel cornered when that jet of water pours over their head…

and people
actually post weird stuff like showering w/ wetsuit and cats. LOL. Always knew you cat people were weird.

I know the situation
was not humorous for either your cat or you, but the visual image of wetsuit, helmet, and cat is priceless. But cold water!!!

By the way, I’m a cat person and I have had to give several cats a bath.

I hope your wetsuit repairs go well.

A troll in Maine should not have a wild
cat for a pet. Read “Wildcat’s Revenge” by Claude Balls.

I wasn’t implying that you shouldn’t reply as well. It was meant as a comment on the comical aspect of the whole thing. Apparently I missed the mark.

for any unusual visual effects my posting might of created. Justing stating the facts as they occured. Appreciate the idea about scraps pieces of neoprene and aquaseal. That should do the trick as soon as I find some pieces of neoprene. I believe some people living in Maine as I do can be overly frugal but it a hard habit to kick.


I think…
that book is available on Overstock.Com (LOL)

Scraps of neoprene
Idea for possible source - do you know any WW folks with a neo top or bottom they have beat to s&*^? If you could buy the destroyed garment from them cheap you could probably pull a couple of cat baths worth of scraps out of it.

I try to avoid washing cats whenever possible, but have subjected cats to it two or three times to remove tar or other terribly pleasant stuff. They are real tough to hold. You might be able to get an old laundry bag, trap their head thru the top and just cut enough of an opening at the other end to allow you to get a hand in there and do any actual washing part. They could then tear a cheapo piece of cotton to shreds rather than a wetsuit.

OK, pabst blue ribbon 2424, you need to
learn how to save hot water and get your cat washed.

Step 1: Firmly grasp cat by scruff and lower into open toilet

Step 2: Close lid and sit on it

Step 3:Flush

Swirlies will suck the crud right off. Of course the cat must be large enough.

This is a joke, son.