What happened to C & K Magazine ?

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I recently got the March issue of Canoe and Kayak and noticed a number of format changes, with no mention at all in the magazine.

A closer read of the masthead shows a lot of new senior staff (all chaged from the 2007 Buyer's Guide):

Managing Editor,
Senior Editor,
Editor at Large,
Art Director.

Also, even less canoeing articles than they used to have.

Typically a new Editor would introduce himself to the readers, but I didn't see anything like this.

Anybody know what's up?

Found this about the situation

C&K "Changing of the Guard"
The previous months issue had a column from the new editor. In his column, he addressed most all of your comments. He mentioned changes in the staff and a re-design of the magazine.

Sorry that you missed the article.

What previous month’s issue?
They go from December (vol. 34 isuse 7) to March (vol. 35 issues 1). with no mention of a change.

C&K ,Paddler and Paddling Life mags
A strange click of the kalidoscope.

The ACA was considering selling Paddler to it’s publisher Eugene Buchannon. Negotiations failed, and Eugene and most of his staff resigned to form Paddling Life.

About the same time, Primedia laid off the Seattle Canoe & Kayak staff and moved the magazines operations to Southern California with Frederick Reimers, who used to write for Paddler as Editor.

The ACA then hired Glenn Brenard, former C&K Mag publisher to publish Paddler, and he hired the shards of the C&K staff still in Seattle.

We can expect Paddler to become like C&K used to be - less edgy and more even. We can expect C&K to become edgier and more whitewater oriented. It is already printed on lower q paper.

Paddlin Life has become an E-zine.

strange justiposition.


all I know is that
this magazine sucks. Seriously sucks. worst magazine I ever subscribed to. I know a good magazine when I see one. And I know what the most surperier magazine is… TFH. Tropical Fish Hobiest. Before I was a paddler, I loved fish (as pets). I had cichlids, eels, catfish, and much more. I still have 5 rainbow cichlids, 1 bichir eel in a 30 gal, and in the 29 gal I have 3 australian rainbowfish, 2 chinease algea eaters, and 2 S. amerian bumblebee cats. Anyways, I had subscribed to TFH, And I can say it is the best magazine I have EVER seen. Google it, you’ll agree.

Ah’ dun’t know… P-140

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All dis is startin' ta sound a'mighty fishy ta me...


I don’t think “seriously sucks” is fair
I agree C&K isn’t what it used to be, but it hasn’t arrived at “worst” yet, IMHO, but then I don’t get out much so maybe I’m not seeing the whole picture.

No wonder Paddler changed a bit
I only have two things to say.

  1. I enjoy a few articles here and there, and either at least makes for good bathroom reading material.

  2. Nevertheless, I find I rarely have time to read the damn things anyway.

  3. Some of the best paddling articles, canoe or kayak, I have ever read have been written right here by p-netters.

    OK, I lied. Three things.


I didn’t re-new
went with Adventure Kayak instead. it’s Canadian so it’s a bit closer to home for me. I was finding that C&K was slipping.

Gave up on C+K 3-4 years ago
C+K became more glossy with uncontrolable amounts of really over bearing advertising and too much senseless B.S. The magazine started going downhill ‘for me’ when they added the ‘K’ to the ‘C’. As far as Paddler magazine goes, I noticed with the issue I got about a week ago that Eugene was no longer editor. hummmm I thought, not even a ‘goodbye’ letter. Musta been a ‘mutual disagreement’ I thought, aka- getting release from your job. Paddler has also been slipping into the ‘get the advertising $$ money first, quality of articules later’ frame of mind. I can side by side compare older issues, with the last years’ issues and see a noticable increase in the amount of 1/8 and 1/4 page advertising. Paddler is also owned by the A.C.A., not everyone’s favorite organization either. But, as has been brought up on this subject before on this board. They, (C+K, Paddler) are in a constant battle to keep afloat. With salaries, paper and ink cost (glossy), printing press time, bulk mailing, and I’m sure tons of other expenses. I do understand the need to sell as much advertising space as possible. (and make me nausious)

Will there ever be a magazine as genteel as ‘CanoeSport Journal’ was ? Now THAT was a canoe magazine,

The buyers guide that just came out was my last issue of Paddler, having just expired a 3 year sub. I’m having a hard time writing that check for another 3 years. ( I like getting the free straps). If I renew, it’ll only be because I like the traveling Gnome’s articules and reviews.

Free Straps
Paddling.net was giving away free straps with a Paddling Perks signup this fall, and we only made you join for you year!



Sure Brent, but
for most of us we cannot read P-Net in the “library”.


No wireless at your place? Or no laptop - with a desktop to heavy to haul in there?


Me? Never mix electric devices when your privates hover mere centimeters above cold water!!!

Yup - sorry I made this into a stinky thread!!



Didn’t care for C&K myself
I subscribed for a year, then let it expire. Can’t say the articles were all that interesting. As often as not the cover story was just plain boring. The product reviews were short, and not all that informative. Kind of like they just banged them out every month.

Well off to the bookstore to see if there is anything new there.


Thank you

Thank you very much for the industry information.



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I used to get C&K and paddler. I didn’t really like either one, C&K had too much FLUFF, and paddler was always about the unobtainable epic trips that only bill gates could afford to do. a great Mag is Backpacker, and the local section is a great idea.

I emailed C &K
Told them I would not be renewing my subcription and why. What happened to the senior staff also happened at trade magazine I receive for my work. The new editor changed direction of a great magazine and almost ruined it. Publishers got so much negative feedback new editor only lasted 6 months. Now the magazine is back as it was and better than ever. If enough of us complain maybe publishers will listen, if not then they lose lots of money.

Who wants to go into business?
Sounds like C&K isn’t meeting the demands of its readers…time for some enterprising go getters to step in?

What paddlers really want to see is eye catching photos. A series of good photos liven up any so-so article. If someone grabs this opportunity to start a new canoe magazine…I’d be happy to take the photos of scantily clad cuties in canoes…on gravel bars…setting up camp…

I’d do it at cut rate prices!

Been trying to decide which mag to subscribe to. So far, I’m thinking Sea Kayaker will get my twenty bucks (I’ve got a couple dollar off coupon), but I also read Wave Length either online, or when I find it at my local outfitter or REI where it’s a freebie. I guess even Sea Kayaker receives it’s share of P-net flack, but at least it’s “independently” published and generally fits my needs better than C & K and Paddler.