What is the best sunblock?

What brand of sunblock do you use? I use Bullfrog in the stick form it works pretty well for me. Just wondering if there are any other brands out there that I should try. I would like a stick form rather than a lotion. FishHawk

Sunblock Recommendation
I had a spot removed from my face recently that was basel cell skin cancer. My doctor strongly advised that I use a sunblock whenever I’m outside and said that he felt the best product available was Sea & Ski “Faces”. I ordered it over the net, have been using it, and am very satisfied.

fair skin/burning eyes
The best product I’ve found is a 30spf spray that Coppertone makes but is also made by Rite Aid pharmacies for about 40% less. It dries quickly, doesn’t make your hands slippery on the paddle, and is completely sweat and water proof. Every other product I’ve used on my face ends up in my eyes, which makes them burn and tear.

I don’t bother with spraying it on…I just open it up and pour.


since I have sensitive skin
I’ve found that Coppertone Sport is the best for me. I vary between spf15 or spf30, depending on how long I’ll be out. The spray or the rub on both are fine, but I’ve found that the spray won’t burn my eyes once I get on the water, whereas sometimes the lotion will if I rub it around my eyes.


A hat and long sleeve shirt.

What Cooldoctor1 said

Kinesys is a very good one.
Outside magazine did a review on sunscreens and it was one of the top 5. I found it at my outfitter and use the unscented children’s SPF 30. Goes on like water , non greasy.Availableb on line or at many Dermatologists offices.

Bullfrog Spray
Love the stuff. TRUE STORY: the wife was picking some up for me last year at the local “Wallyworld” and the person checking her out picked up the bottle, looked at it, and said “They have EVERYTHING for pets nowadays, don’t they?” My better half said she bit her tongue, smiled, and retreated to the parking lot for a good bellylaugh. Wish I would have been there! WW

As a fisherman and one with allergies
to most manmade scents, I always look for unscented sunscreens. Neither the fish nor I like the smell of the fragrance most makers put in sunscreen. None of the area stores within 10 miles of me sell unscented Bullfrog. I use Banana Boat SPF 30, unscented, and have been pleased with it. I’m faily dark complected and a little dab does me fine.

As an aside, I’ve found through the past 30 years that sunscreen not only protects the skin from the sun, but reduces or eliminates wind burn and I’m less tired after a long day on the water.

Ditto on the windburn prevention…

Unscented and paba free
Unscented sunscreens don’t attract unwelcome guests and paba free don’t burn your eyes


Check that article out.

I like zinc oxides or titanium oxides
only those reflective metallics can thoroughly block both types. Give me physical occlusion any day.

not cheap.


I reapply ever three hours and have no problems when I roll or get trashed.

I wear a hat and a top of some type so I dont use much. hands, face, and neck

I carry a small bottle of alcohol based hand cleaner to take it off my hands. This system hs worked for me.


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That price is a rip off. I wonder what percent titanium dioxide they use. It looks like that is the only sunscreen chemical in the product.

It is a jungle out there …
of dubious claims and confusing terms. For example, there is “waterproof” and “water resistant”. If it is waterproof it will stay on and still be effective for 6 to 8 hours even if you are swimming, diving, rolling, etc. If it is water resistant it will only be effective for an hour or two if you are in the water. If it is neither stay out of the water. Aside from performance in the water there is also the question of how well it holds up in the sun. They differ and it is hard to find out how much. Then there is UVA and UVB. The sunscreen should significantly protect against both. Unfortunately it is also hard to tell how much real protection against A and B there is. Personally I use Bullfrog but haven’t tried some of the illegal European products.

I’m a Bullfrog Quick Gel fan.
It dries immediately, has no fragrance, and you can’t even feel it. I have a friend who is a tri-athelete. He says it is the best he’s used and withstands hours of sweating and miles of swimming in the ocean and still keeps on working.

Not A Stick, But…
Bullfrog for kids works well. I have found that I can put on more out on the water and keep hands clean by wiping it on with a paper towel or napkin.

There’s something to be said for keeping that shtuff off the palms of your hands.

Used to sell this stuff …
… not any of the brands mentioned…

One thing about waterproof: it’ll rub off… after you towel dry, lay on a blanket, wipe sweat off your face… each time you lose a little. So, even though it won’t wash off, you may not be set for that whole 8 hours, especially if you’re active. Still need to reapply for long periods outdoors.

Some will sweat off, too… waterproof dosen’t always mean sweatproof.

Not a lot of regulation here when it comes to mfg claims … and more expensive dosen’t always mean better …

Recent all-day excursion into one of the parks in Orlando: wife used an expensive imported “all day” sunscreen … waterproof, sweatproof, non-greasy, sensitive skin … all the marketing claims. Kids and I used your basic waterproof stuff … reapplyed twice during the day. The wife, now, did not … “no need to…”. Well, she spent the rest of the week spraying on solorcain and wearing longsleeve everything, sorry to say.

the person asked for the best
and for my money that’s it. I buy two tubes/year. It does not wash away, and I trust optical blockers.

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