what is your all-time favorite boat??

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dream boat, favorite.

I'll start:
Pamlico 140

I know, I'm obbsessed with it,but what is YOUR dream boat?? price doesn't matter, it depends on personal taste. I mean style, performance wise.

I’ll bite
If price is no object, I’ll take a Woodsong canoe.


You’ll probably disappoint me like all the others have, but does “price is no object” mean you are buying? LOL

those are B-E-A-UTIFUL!!!
:-O!! Stunning!! what’s your favorite model??

It is and will ALWAYS be…
… the NEXT one.

If choice is limited to present fleet my favorite will ALWAYS be the WET one.

Today that’s my SOF for a quick hour round the neighborhood. Friday it was the Q700 for 18 miles of shoulder rehab.

My favorite

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A carrier-battle-group-a-day keeps the terrists away!

Unsurpassed in style and performance.

I meant whats your favorite,
canoe or kayak.

My first boat–
A beater Old Town Otter bought from a livery . . .

and my last boat–an Arctic Tern I built myself.

I still have my first boat.

Old Town Predator 138 It’s not the best at any one thing, but can do them all well.

Feathercraft Khatsalano

Had mine almost 6 years now.

looks like everyone has different tastes

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I'm recording it by making a list on word

Kayak -my QCC-700
Canoe -my Wenonah Jenen 17

I don’t desire any more unless QCC comes out with a 2" narrower 700



Is cooldocter’s fav the barracuda??

My favorite…
kayak was my QCC 700,I miss that boat. Right now my favorite is a Sawyer Shockwave solo canoe,smooth & fast. Next favorite,eyeing a Bell Magic.

Happy Paddling billinpa

Pamlico 140…
tho’ I’ve never paddled one but it’ll make you feel better.

To qualify this as an “advice”, I’ll recommend a Pamlico for all newbies.


honestly, I really want to know your fav

your “fav” or mine, or anyone elses doesn’t qualify as “advice.”

Different boats for different folks for different strokes.

If you read enough of the various posts, you’ll know the “favs” for most of the regulars here. All valid and all subjective.


PS. I am one of PNet’s unfaithful. I love 'em all. Well… almost.

I’ll just put Impex mystic for you

Kid, You’re Killing Me…
are you really that oblivious?


yeah, I’m making a roster