what is your all-time favorite boat??

Maybe close
How about this Night Herron in the MOMA collection?


My P&H Sirius
or the Capella…hmm…plastic capella of seven or eight years ago…

although the sirius is hard to get outta my blood…oh the dreams :slight_smile:

Clipper Mariner
Without a doubt my all-time favorite hull.


My Walden Vista, 38lbs. and plastic!

Dream Boat?
Is that like in “Mystery Date”?

Can I actually buy one?

oblivious - def. unaware

My least favorite boats are the Skerray and the Pamlico 165. My favorite is the Millenium I was out in yesterday. I would love to have a native Alaskan kayak for it’s beauty and heritage.

But do you hate the pamlico 140??

Tough call…
I’d have to say my Merlin II right now but my dream boat that I lust over is a flashfire in blackgold with almond gel coat & wood gunnels.


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he's the forum administrator.

Water must be solid where you are sing.

I can’t…
Pick just ONE…

Sea kayak…Nigel Foster Legend maybe

Solo Canoe…Clipper Sea 1

Race boat? Something faster than what I’ve got damn it! :wink:

Cheers…Joe O’

THE Pamlico 140 ?- will you be using the royal we?

I don’t hate. I haven’t tried the yak.

although I don’t own one right now…

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......Chestnut Prospector 16 wood and canvas made before 1923.
The nicest canoe I ever had a chance to paddle. More responsive than any replica anyone ever made out of any other material. Just a dream....
One day I get one again!

I Own a Night Heron
"…and you’re NO" Night Heron.

Glenn :wink:

Sawyer Summersong
but my knees are getting bad and I’m getting fat so it felt “tippy” the last time I had 'er out.


Oh, and the Bell Wildfire for rivers ;0

Current Designs
Caribou S

I mean the Guillemot Night Heron

um…best all-around - Seda Vagabond



in a lightweight Kevlar lay-up - NOT the Merlin II

and, oh, pass me that Kevlar Summersong in wood trim that some other JACK stole for $800 - bastards!



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Why didn't you say so??? I can't read minds!

I would have to say......Pamlico 140 would be #1 DREAM boat. If I couldn't get that, I'd settle for a Valley Rapier 20.

My FAVORITE boat would be my CD Extreme. All my other boats have suffered severe neglect since I bought it.

Pssssst.... hey kid....I have some magic beans that I'll trade you for that Pamlico 140.

Pretty much says it all

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Sing: "are you really that oblivious?"

Pamlico 140: "yeah, I'm making a roster."

You have to love this kid.

My Dreamboat Doesn’t Exist!
But if it did it would a 15’-16’ x 26"- 30" fully decked (none of this halfdecked Rob Roy rec boat stuff for me, I want to be able to roll this badboy!), moderately rockered sailing/touring/surf canoe.

unless I was paddling whitewater…

or poling…



One that will never be sold

Mariner Express
Pamlico 145T

I paddled a P&H low volume Quest and that was nice