what is your best Kayak Paddle

Its been a while sence I have been on here, So what brand of paddle do you like best. I know this has been posted before, but its been awhile. High angle or Low angle.

Werner Ikelos, hands down…high angle all the way.


listen to HIM! what’s he know???..it’s AT Exception all the way. The closest thing to a GP, in a foam cored Euro stick! Hi or Lo…they both work with AT!


steve (having fun on SUN morn)

a Greenland Paddle
I prefer a Beale greenland paddle over my numerous other greenlands. The guy I paddle the most with loves his Onno Touring paddle for open water and his carbon fiber Bending Branches for creeks and small rivers.

Nothing like a lightweight carbon wing that is a work of art.

Sun morn
Well Steve, I’m gonna try and squeeze my swollen knee into a boat this Sun morn…wish me luck!

Lumpy GP
I told him I wanted ‘minimal’ and he got it just right. It’s perfect.

The one in my hand
while I am paddling.


two paddles come to mind

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Laminated greenland paddle by Kris Buttermore and my Superior Carbon Fiber GP

good luck!!!

CC was a hoot! good seeing you 'n Sarah!


prefer the old scrap things I make

and they work at all angles.



The real “closest thing to a Greenland Paddle” :>)

Best Wishes


wood paddle
Bending branches impression, I love wood.

Favorite paddle
Lighting paddles. They are no longer in business but i still have 2 of them. Liked them a lot. VF

turbo high angle turbo wing

canoe paddle
even in my kayaks

Roy, your work is BEAUTIFUL! When
I first saw them at the Frankfort camp I was amazed. It is nice to see someone create things like this. :slight_smile: Bill

In order
1) Beale laminated Greenland Paddle (the gold standard for GPs)

2) Werner Cyprus (floaty, slicy, sexy)

3) Lendal Kinetic(aka “the battleaxe”

4) ONNO mid-tour (great construction but not my preferred blade shape)

5) AT 4-play whitewater (nice design heavy, tough and good value)

6) Current Designs Feather (too long but it was ok for a first paddle. Probably good for a double)

Haven’t tried the Nadgee spare paddle I just won in a raffle. Nice build, light, and designed to fit flat on the deck but looks a bit odd for long distance use. Should be interesting to try out.

Need another GP or two and maybe a wing…

My current paddle
Is a Werner Kalliste and a Bending Branches as a backup. Considering going to a GP with the Kalliste as a backup. BTW the Kalliste is a great paddle.

Thanks Bill
I can’t ever seem to get the pictures to actually show some of the colors I’ve been trying lately.

I’ve used some pearling in the resin and can’t ever get the glissing rainbow of colors that show in the sunlight to come out in a picture.

but they do the job anyway. They are just so much fun to make…like doing a fun art project (and I’m not even artistic)

Best Wishes


a few
Werner Ikelo’s is my primary, 210, straight shaft

Werner Camano, lower gear, 215 straight shaft, carbon

Werner Shuna, 215, straight shaft, carbon.