What kayak system

I just got a new truck, it is taller than my CRV was. I was using a Sweet Roll on the CRV and loaded from behind. My wife and I are vertically challenged. The truck is taller. We are getting a travel trailer so will not be able to load from the back. I will have cross bars on the roof of the double cabe. I am looking at several options:

  1. Malone Telos XL Load assist
  2. Thule Hullavator (my least favorite due to the mass on the roof when there is not a boat in the roof.
  3. A Dropracks

Are there any others I may have missed and what do you think is the best option?

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The Hulivator cradles remove when not needed. One pin each. I do it from three step ladder.

I recently saw someone at the lake with this:

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Well . . . what do you mean the cradles are removable w/ a pin?

The OP complained about all the mass of Hullavator left above when boat off. All that comes off by opening the cradle (squeeze release) to vertical and removing that pin underneath. There’s also a lock where you lock the cradle down. I’d take boats off and show but it’s 90s and getting hotter. I’m trying to post picture.

All that stuff above the black end cap of the horizontal aero bar. See pin just above cap.

Thank you very much, I was unaware of that. I do know the pin you’re showing. I’ll have to play around w/ it later.

Thanks, That’s very helpful. I wish someone with experence of the Malone system can come forward with thoughts.

I have installed too many Hullavators to count, over the years and still carry them at my store but I’ve really been enjoying the Dropracks for the past year or so.

2 questions.
Are they hard to remove when not in use.
Can they install on Yakima aero cross bars.


Hullavators? Direct connect to Yakima Jetstream bars. Cradle arm removable, leave the bar mount bracket in place

Dropracks? Utilizes the bar foot pack or tower. Does not require a bar as it is its own bar. Removal awkward.

Thule truck rack can be removed, but it’s too much trouble for little reward. I use the rack for other things.

The cradles need to come off. Sun causes strap aging. Old units couldn’t take the heat and cylinders failed.