What kind of goop to use on your boat

Just wondering what kind of products people use on their kayaks. I’ve heard a lot of people who use 303 I think it is, but that’s expensive. Do you really need to use anything? Is it really going to help a boat last longer that’s stored in a garage? Does anything help for speed? Or is it all just a scam to get your money. I’m still waiting to see some results from the hair growing shampoo I got conned into buying! For my head not my boat!


It’s stored in a garage
Skip the 303 treatment. Dust and dirt will stick to it. There is also the question of adding pollutants to water.

If you really want to try it, apply it to your automobile’s dash and tires. It works well for preventing dash dry-out and cracking.

But most automobiles spend more time outdoors than most kayaks do, unless your workplace provides covered parking.

If you find a magic formula
that will increase your speed, put me down for a couple of cases.



I got your speed secret right here.

Around here we use a material called boof-lube to increase the speed of our boats. It is not available just anywhere. Its main ingredient is seecraloy which is composed of 98% unobtanium with other trace materials included as binders. I may be able to hook you up – but damn that stuff is expensive.

Makes dirt stick? How much do you use?
The only time I’ve ever had 303 cause this is when I sprayed it on way to heavy and didn’t buff it out enough. Conversely, I’d argue that the average body of water picks up more pollutants from the air than from a kayak that’s been treated (but not sloppy wet) with 303.

I’ve heard the best way to increase kayak speed is to liberally apply drillium to the hull,


Turtlewax F21

I use this TurtleWax product on my 2 plastic kayaks. Claims to have UV blocking. I think it gives a nice shine to the boats.

  • Jasen.

I did buff it
There was still enough to become a dirt magnet…if it were completely buffed out, there wouldn’t be any point in using 303 in the first place.

I stored this kayak in a closed shed with raised floor and it still gathered a tan coat of dust-on-film. Maybe you live in a humid environment with no dirt roads nearby.

Storing in a garage
is important/ 303 works is cheap is biodegradeable. is reasonably non-toxic. but the biggest terror is sunshine, then time on a plastic boat. Got for 303 or starbright boat polish with teflon, learn to paddle with torso rotation and smile!

Sounds kind of like a Brooklyn …
bridge deal to me, but if you throw in some snake oil liniment, for my sore muscles, you can go ahead and send me a case.

Just put it on my tab.



what kind of boat?
rubber VCP type hatches should be regularly 303 otherwise nothing is needed.

marine polish

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On the composite boats, I use a marine polish with teflon and UV protection. I haven't a clue how much good it does, but I like polishing the boats up :-)

The plastic boats get 303 2-4 times per year, depending on how ambitious I feel.

The wooden boats that have been varnished and/or painted don't get anything.

You don’t understand 303 application…

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303 is a molecular bond, according to the folks at 303, and SHOULD be buffed out till it no longer feels like a slime on your hull. They say you should buff it out with a dry cloth, replacing wet ones (cloth) with dry ones till it no longer feels slick to the touch. My treated boats have never felt slimey or attracted dirt. Do yourself a favor, and just call them (303 people) and ask them how it should be done. You do not have to feel its presence on the hull for it to do its job. They told me I should only have to treat a heavily used boat maybe 3 times a year, that is if you do it right. Sounds like you have not been doing it right IF dirt sticks to it after treatment. I have seen it bring back oxidised, chalky looking gelcoats fairly well also. They told me the stuff was originally brought out to restrict UV damage to aircraft and later windsurfing nylon and mylar sails, as well as other outdoor use products.

Exactly, enough said
You said just what I was going to say. 303 bonds and when dried with a rag, there is little if no dirt adhesion.

Molecular Bond ----
Bull shit.

Don’t waste your money.

I think I’d get along with Seadart!!

Magic Eraser
Found something that saves a lot of elbow grease. Made by Mr. Clean. It’s called a Magic Eraser. Simple little foam sponge dipped in water sucks off the ring around the boat without much ado.

On the miracle polish to make your boat go faster thread, I haven’t used this but am curious about it, Maxiglide Speed Coating by Maxx-Waxx. Claims to give a 5% increase in speed. Just exhausted my $.02 on the product. Goes for $13/6oz. Anyone want to do a study with a paddler, body of water & a gps monitor to check the claims?

See you on the water,



Hey Seadart & Salty…
Just for grins check out the 303 Products.com site,and while you are at it give them a call and tell them why you may not believe in their product, or simply do it just to learn a bit of information. Strange, people might not believe in the concept of a UV protectant for their boats or other products, but they will apply a sunscreen to themselves, or are you guys going to tell us that is a BS product also? Kinda strange how a lot of the boat manufactures I retail have suggested we stock 303 for their products longevity, as well a a whole industry of RV manufactures who recommend it for the fabric parts of their products. But hey, it’s your boat, you can decide if you want to take care of it or not.

Magic Eraser is Excellent
I use the Magic Eraser for cleaning up the boat after a paddle and it works very nice. It is especially good with paddle scuffs and scum.


I’d like to ask about Rainx
I use it on my car windows & it repels water so well that I don’t have to turn my wipers as soon.

Would that be of any benefit to my kayak which has Captian’s Varnish on it, in terms of protection or speed?

I think I just
said I’d probably get along with him??? I enjoyed is directness. I don’t care what you use on your boat…People love their boats and enjoy taking care of them, so no judgement from me on that. I see my boats as tools, and beat the hell out of them for a couple of years then give them away. I have neither the time nor the desire to buff some polyethylene kayak! Do whatever makes you happy. Relax…