What Paddle do you use?

Just wondering what brand and type of paddle folks use? FishHawk


Various GPs

210 Werner Cyprus Small Shaft - Winter w/ gloves

215 Werner Cyprus - Regular Shaft

220 Aquabound Stingray - Small Shaft

cf gp

Superior carbon greenland paddle is my main paddle.


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Mostly I use:
Mapes Greenland Paddle (Western Red Cedar)
Epic Full Carbon Active Tour Length-Lock
Werner Cyprus (carbon)
H2O-2 (ww)

There are a few others I use occaisionally, but the above list covers most of my paddling.

Swift . . .
. . . Wind Swift 220 - favorite, Mid Swift 215 - spare both carbon fiber.

The brands I use
are Aquabound and ONNO, specifically the Sting Ray 230cm and the Full Tour 220-235cm. Use the ONNO every chance I get.


Mid Swift and
Werner Athena carbon. KK

Mostly an Epic Relaxed Tour full carbon
with burgundy shaft. Length adjustable from 215 to 225cm.

depends. Lendal, seven2, Jackson
the Lendals are for long boating…(have 4 of them in pieces-PadLok system)

Seven2 is for the rare river, and surfing wide boats (Rockhopper or long boats)

Jackson-a Jackson Kids paddle in 178cm…the best i have found for small boat surfing…

I paddle
w. a Werner Cyprus 210cm straight shaft. Favorite

paddle, light & well balanced.

Epic Active Tour (green shaft)

Levelock 205-215cm. Slightly bigger

than the Werner, more dihedral, more

dig in meaty water.

these two match well w. my 20" beam low volume seakayak.

Bending Branches Evening Breeze 215 cm for relaxing

river & small lake paddles in my 23"

light touring boat.

I took the drip rings off them all. If you were looking for Advice :wink:

adventure technology

best paddle I have ever used


I have…

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a Werner 220 carbon Kalliste with a straight small shaft. Very nice because it's so lightweight.

My spare is a Swimming River Sports with a fiberglass shaft/plastic blade that is adjustable from 220-230. I picked it up from a club member for $50.

Love my ONNO
It’s his F.A.S.T model. Use my Aquabound for rock crunching. Its indestructible.

is my favorite, a wooden Euro style paddle - one piece. It’s a custom, Sea Blade features with the blade shaped similar to a Black Magic, with the blade a bit oversized, reinforced with fiberglass.

The Sea Blade was long my favorite. I always described myself as a low-angle paddler, but several pointed out that my angle was often higher than my high-angle paddling counterparts. Among other reasons, I imagine it fits my variable angle style overall quite well. The custom came about for those hard-pushing days. I already had carbon paddles and glass paddles that I used to mix it up, but still always preferred my Sea Blade. It’s what I found myself going to on challenging, rougher-condition days. So I gave Mitchell Paddles a call, and they turned out a beauty. Took 1st place in my division in a 6 mile race surrounded by nothing but carbon. Not to say it’s race specific. It too makes a great everyday paddle for me, and has become my favorite over the Sea Blade.

I also like the Lendal Kinetic.

In the end, it’s way more about the paddler than it is the paddle. Someone fit who typically pushes harder than average might like my custom blade, someone somewhere in the middle who doesn’t regularly utilize the oversized blade may like the Sea Blade. (Some of the many passionate about carbon may curse having to be seen with a wooden paddle in their hand!)Mitchell Paddles have proven for me to be seriously tough, beautiful, low swing weight (wood blades want to float up to the surface), and I obviously found my groove with their paddle among some real nice competition. (age 37, runner, paddle the open coast including surf zones, like to put in miles, but also have ocassional “play like an otter” days - I find that these tidbits of information are important when getting or giving recommendations about paddling equipment.)

Werner carbon Ikelos and Lumpy GP

A Novorca Carbon Greenland, Friday Harbor wood Greenland (Ebony stain very beautiful :slight_smile: ) Werner Kalliste or a Werner Camano Bent Shatf Carbon

Lendal carbon, bent shaft, adjustable feather in both sea kayak paddle (210) and white water (194).

Superior wood gp and two-piece carbon gp.

Homemade GP
I have three homemade Greenland style paddles and use one of them regularly. One is too small and the other hasn’t seen water yet because of the weather.


Primary is a Lettman Nordic Wing 198cm

and spare is a Werner Ikelos 200cm SD SS

homemade paddles for me too
i have a spruce gp at 34 oz and a 28 oz euro style that i use interchangeably. ( i made a 28 oz spruce gp that i gave to my friend) i doubt that i will ever buy another paddle.