What the heck IS this thing?

Anyone have an idea what this black plastic block is mounted on the foredeck of my Perception Eclipse 17? It looks like a mount of some kind, and most likely an after-market add-on. Just curious mainly, though I have been thinking about saving up for a kayaksailor rig for long distance open water trips. (I know it’s unrelated to the kayaksailor, but,… what the heck is that thing!!!)

A Keel Line indicator…?

It is grey… Progeny of the Grey Thing?

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A black thing

A relative of a gopro holder … or a holder for a toilet paper dispenser?

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You all are the best. :wink:

Google the photo

I Googled the photo. It is a classic car.


It is a compass mount



it’s an Android thing.

Ding, ding, ding! For the win.

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That’s a terrible guess. Your only excuse is that it looks exactly the same as the nrs picture.


That’s the hose clip for the diverter side of the flutinary valve.

Once upon a time
Nanook of the North
paddled far down to the Hudson
his mission settin’ forth

to meet with Henrik Hudson
and his playful old ghost crew
head up high there into hills
see just what those Dutchmen do

and there on one black night
when the storm clouds came in rollin’
Nanook heard the thunderous crashin’
Henrik and the boys were bowlin’

now Nanook had no balls
but he didn’t loose his grip
he chose to strike out down new lane
by adding finger holes to ship

and from years of hurlin’ harpoon
at walrus, narwhale and polar bear,
damn if Nanook didn’t prove a natural
killer amassin’ strikes and spare

usually one roll of his kayak
would send all ten pins into fit
sometimes a second with a wrist twist
would stem-with-stern stomp seven-ten split

only problem was them rough lanes
where Henrik and his boys did deal
was full of schist and bit micaceous
soon Nanook wore down his skin keel

and thus cometh new kid into town
soon to best Nanook the Eskimo
though folks thought he’d never get a grip
on some Grey Thing and that Pamlico


That’s so 1990…

It’s obviously a thruster for the turbo entabulator.

Looks like a toggle for elastic deck lines.

Its not of a type I’ve seen before but - an attach point for a tow line? Might work as one, anyhow…

Hey…if it quacks like a duck…lol

I was kinda hoping it was a flat screen TV mount, so I could paddle out into the wilderness and watch my favorite Netflix shows.

You know I have seen it before. It was bugging me because I have seen it in the last month. I had no clue where internet or my home. I have three of those JUNK compasses. Glad to see they are no longer made. They lose fluid constantly. I think I saw it in my junk drawer where it belongs. I don’t know what things are for so they go there.