What's In/On your PFD?

I’ve got a Fox whistle, carabiner, car keys, blunt knife, Band-Aids, small compass, cell phone, and energy bars…

What’s in YOUR PFD?



– Last Updated: Feb-03-08 5:43 PM EST –

Small first aid kit, Flares, Laser Flare, Baseplate Compass, Knife, whistle, VHF radio (sometimes in day hatch), 1 mil neoprene skull cap, Water bladder, Highgear Altitech 2 watch/compass/barometer, Rescue Scissors, Small flashlight with white/blue/red lens, energy bar, camera.

St. Christopher medal, McNett knife,
and a whistle. Car keys and other valuables are in a small plastic waterproof case inside a little dry bag.




Knife, Whistle, Matches, compass
and car keys.


Chewing gum
orange peels and coffee grounds…

it still floats you?



Strobe, whistle, mirror, flare…
vhf, bandana, Keltec P32 pistol, small gerber pocket knife.

No 1/4, we would get along well.

whistle, noseplugs, chapstick, sometimes a camera

I think mine has mini-cell foam
but I’ve never cut it open.

A gray thing

Whistle and a Knife
And sometimes a bandana or my old Olympus camera in the pocket. WW

Straps and pockets.

Knife on lash tab (sinks), strobe on …
…strap (floats), submersible VHF in radio pocket(sinks)(tethered), PFD mounted tow/throwbag setup (adds buoyancy), 3 Skyblazers (floats), small dye marker (about neutral), small signal mirror (sinks), SeaSeat in back pocket (neutral), SOLAS whistle (floats). Some would say that’s too much, some too little… Make sure to affect the buoyancy rating of your PFD as little as possible. I don’t carry water in my PFD–I think it’s too much added weight and changes your CG upwards which is rarely a good thing, right? At this point, I keep water in a small Platypus on the cockpit floor behind the seat.

Carry matches, beef jerky, space blanket, compass, chain saw, coo-coo clock, laptop computer, dutch oven, rifle, etc.!!!

Just kidding…

PFD Carry Items
My canoeing is done on Class I-III rivers and on large lakes in the Western U.S. and British Columbia.

I wear a U22 Agency Hi-float PFD with 22.lbs. floatation. It has two front pockets, two D Rings and two lash points.

In the pockets are my truck keys on a float and chain, maps in waterproof case, a hurricane lighter, pin light, sunglasses,survival blanket,and bug headnet. On the two D Rings I carry my 4" folding knife, 30+ sunscreen on a carabiner, and compass. Around my neck I carry my GPS and another set of maps in waterproof cases. If in an isolated location like Northern British Columbia I add a Sat Phone tied to the side straps on the right or left side of my PFD in its waterproof case.