Whats your favorite canoe?

Mine is the 17ft grumman aluminum. Its like the cadillac of boats. I have one from the early 1960’s and it still looks brand new. Actually better than brand new because the style of the seats now are kinda plain. Back then the seats had that 60’s style to them.

The one I built
My favorite canoe is the one I built!! Its the Otter from Newfound Woodworks. Its length is 12’ and she is fast! I really enjoyed building this canoe and was both happy and sad when the job was complete. I have a lot of BLOOD, SWEAT and TEARS in this project, but she is a dream to paddle.

You’re suggesting we get one?
My first little canoe venture was in a Grumman. But canoes aren’t for marrying. Most of us are polycanoeists.

Or do you really want to move on? Then you’re on the right forum.

the ones I helped build
Loon Works Nakoma and Duet.

But the other fourteen give me other pleasures. I would divorce any that don’t give me a good time…

My Wenonah Jensen 17 ultralight
but don’t tell my other ones, I don’t want them to feel slighted.



favoprite Canoe
Probabaly my red one.

Me ol’ 1978 OT Tripper

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Not dat ah' use it much, but still me favorite.


De most used one.... me Vermont built Mad River Guide.


depends what I’m doing

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my canoes weigh from 27 to 74 pounds, and vary from under 7' to 16'4". 2 use skirts, 2 use poles,one's better with handpaddles. Whatever one I'm in is my favorite, as I find the boat less important than the water I'm on or in, the nature I'm seeing, and the friends I'm with. Those that know me, know my boats, and know what I'm talking about. Pieces of crap, every one of them, but I love them all.

The one in my living room
My adorable Vermont Tupper. Even though it has a hole in it right now. Actually, just a chip out of the gel coat; I was being dramatic.

Really like my Wen-Vag UL both
on and off the water. GP drives it fine on all the coastal waters I’ve been, with single stick on the wee overhung creeks.

That is a very difficult question.

So many choices.

Although it doesn’t get paddled as often as some other canoes I own; I’d have to say my favorite is my bright red, 1966 Chestnut Pal.


Out of twelve, it’s
My Old Town Northern Light. I wish it were still made, but in an ultra light Kevlar version.

GP and canoe?
A fairly wide solo at that.

Bet you have perfected your sliding stroke. I like GP and canoe too. It drives the purists nuts.

Onedia 18
Our venerable Oneida 18is a great canoe - solid, stable, tough and with a very impressive turn of speed.

One with decks and a cockpit.

Which child is your favorite?
That’s about as easy to answer.

I’ll take a stab at it anyway. Of my current canoes, probably the 32lb Curtis Lady Bug followed by the 34lb Wenonah Advantage ultra light.

Keep in mind that I haven’t paddled anything in three months.

There are many I haven’t tried that I might like better.

the one I built
I loved my Merlin(Northwest canoe shoppe) Got rid of her for a faster wenonah canoe. I guess I am just a canoe slut…

Stil have the forms though.

Do tell…
How long of a GP do you use on your solo canoes? Another interesting experiment to try with mine :slight_smile:

after 25 years and 30+ canoes passing through the family, it’s the best do all hull I’ve found. Of course I would say my Curtis Nomad if I hadn’t gained so much weight over those 25 years.

Oh that’d be my

But not for long.

Got a new baby coming. Gonna replace them all.