What's your favorite sunscreen?

I just used up my last seasons bottle and before I buy another I would like to see what others think works best. Thanks in advance.


I won’t use anything else anymore. Get the gel, not the spray. I’m very fair and burn within 30 minutes, and Bullfrog works better than every other kind I’ve tried, and that’s quite a few.

I’ve also had good results with Bullfrog
I usually get the lotion. I go through a lot of it, but it does the job.

Absolutely, BullFrog.

But I don’t get many of them in S FL!

Hate sunscreen on my hands paddling. When I do use it - Coppertone Sport - Ultra Sweatproof - Waterproof - SPF 48 - seems to do the trick pretty well. Kim likes Banana Boat Sport SPF 48 Ultra Sweatproof. both of these and Bull Frog - pretty darn similar.

I have a light white UV block shirt I may start to wear now that the heat is on - but loose clothing also tends to chafe if really paddling. prefer rash guards for that. I guess there’s always night paddling…

This haole likes the BB Sport 50.
Heard good things about Ocean Potion though… Was planing on doing some real world, side by side experiments once the sun kicks in out here and posting the results on p.net

My two cents

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Get something having the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation. I would also try to get one that has both a chemical (absorptive) and reflective block (zinc oxide or titanium dioxide). I chose Banana Boat spf 30 (blue top). Check the ingredients.



Fragrance in sun screens
I’m allergic or hyper-sensitive to lots of fragrances used in body lotions and sun screens. Any of those mentioned without fragrance?

BB Sport
No fragrance in ingredient list - and just a light chemical smell (non-offensive). Also has Skin Cancer Foundation recommendation on back.

The Copertone Sport label lists fragrance - but I’m pretty sensitive too and I neither notice or am bothered by it. I prefer it’s “No slip grip -ultra dry formula” slightly over the BB’s “Non-Greasy”.

Another Vote Bullfrog

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Although I am fairly dark complected my hair style choice and lifestyle make me a prime candidate for skin cancer.


I put on sunscrean every morning after my shower.

Two types

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For those who use chemical screens something with parsol (trade name for avobenzone) is great bullfrog is OK

Optical sunscreens (zinc or titanium oxide based) are superior blockin UVa and B with great efficiency. I like DR. Hauschka's SPF 22. Two applications can get me through afull day of wet paddling.

I also carry a 2 ounce bottle or Pure touch waterless hand cleaner to remove the sunscreen film fron my palms. Bullfrog gel makes them too sticky, Hauschka's makes them too slippery; either way the hand cleaner is a treat and two ounces is enough to give some away (yes I like to take care of paddlers, sue me) :-)

Rocky Mountain Sunscreen
How many of you know about this company? They make great sunscreen (official sunscreen of US ski team) and you can buy it in BULK. Meaning, you can buy quarts and gallons, which come with a pump top. The price per ounce is far, far less than buying those tiny bottles at the drug strore. We buy a gallon every couple of years and just put it into smaller bottles. Just Google the name.


Coppertone Sport - 30

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Does not sweat off and get in my eyes.

Plus, it is listed as "oil free" which I hope means that it does not deteriorate the latex gaskets on my drysuit (at least not as fast as something with oil).

Big huge hat & long sleeves
I found applying sunscreen at home when your dry, not wet from shower or our high humidity is most effective, I use any kind of high UV block protection sunscreen.

Also have learned the hard way to keep the sunscreen below the eyes and not above helps a great deal to keep the lotion from getting in your eyes. The big huge hat should be your protection above the brow.

And don’t forget those temple areas and backs of hands.

Wash palms of hands at home without washing backsides.

Light fabric long pants if your a sit-on-topper paddler and out past 1100am, you will cook in the worst way.


Master of the ultimate sunburn


By far the best I have tried is Clinique. I like the liquid version in the pump bottle, but they also make it in a cream. Both verisions are unscented and unisex. Expensive but significantly better than anything else. You can get it at any good department store in the cosmetics department.




Hawaiian Tropic. SPF 45
Cheap, large bottles, effective.

canola oil… No not really… what ever that waterproof stuff with the little D ring is. i like it as it clips to my Yacks guy lines. easy access for re-application…

Seems to work just fine, and I’m more likely to use enough than if I was paying for the pricier brands. But I’d rather wear long sleeves and pants than goop myself all over, and I always wear a hat.

Yup, No-Ad for me too.
The big bottle of SPF 45 is a lot cheaper than smaller bottles of other brands. I’m out in the sun every day, mountain biking, running, rollerblading, walking the dog, and of course, paddling. That means a lot of sunscreeen. It also means a lot of money if I were buying the expensive stuff.