What's Your 'If I Won the Lottery' Boat?

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Just curious. And of course, some of you might already own your 'ultimate' kayak or canoe. :)

(and if so, I'm jealous)

couple boats on the deck
and one in the davits of course…but


gosh, that’s sure a huge kayak

Not just one
If i won the lottery it wouldn’t be just one boat, it would more be getting every manfacturers book and saying “i’ll have one of those, and one of those, and one of those…” and of course i would need a few at home and a few at the summer home and at the vacation house and at my parents and different ones for travelling with…

They don’t build it…YET
there would be a custom build for sure if I won the lottery…a one-off Super yak…

Diff. boats for diff. folks, but…
…surely no k***ks need feature: anyone who wins the lottery can retire and take the time to become a true master with a Pat Moore or Craig Quimby single blade :slight_smile:

Ps. For me, http://coldencanoe.com/Dragonfly.html

I always wanted one of these.
Preowned is just fine.


A pair of the new 21 lb Feathercraft Kurrent folding kayaks for us to take on airline trips anywhere in the world. And a week out in Oregon building a custom F-1 in one of Cape Falcon Kayak’s classes.

Same here!
I would have at the very least one of the best of each kind: sea kayak, canoe, sailboat, motorboat, etc. There is no single water toy that can satisfy me! :slight_smile:

The Cape Falcon class looks good.

Hemlock Kestrel for a flatwater solo

A Northstar in blackgold for a tandem

Aquanaut LV for a touring kayak

Jackson Zen and Fun for river running and play

An Adirondack guideboat for rowing

And a Sunfish for sailing

I’d challenge Wilderness Systems
to make a Tarpon 165 that won’t give you a hernia putin’ in and takin’ out. Preferably 35 lbs or less.

Carbon Fiber Tempest 165 or Impex Mystic
Yes, they are different boats and I don’t know if the manaufacturers even offer them in carbon fiber, but we’re fantasizing here

I’d build a kit (or 2)
Such as the laughing loon boats or one of the guillemot designs. I haven’t paddled one yet, but I’d be very pleased to make something that pretty.




A few
An Aquanaut, a regular Nordkapp, a plastic Avocet, possibly a Mystic, and this one:


That would be this.

If I’m dreaming, dream big.

I’d throw out my giant tube of Aquaseal
… and get some new air bags


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First off: everyone stop with the yacht links. Of course if we won the lottery we'd all have some ridiculous boat to carry around our fleet of paddle power boats. This is paddling.net not somehugethirtymilliondollaryacht.net =)

My dream list:
All boats in Graphite exterior/Kevlar interior with wood inwales on the race boats or black anno gunwales on the rec boats. As you can see I rep MN with all boats being from Minnesota except the crozier which i believe is made across the river in WI

Tandem day boat: Wenonah Jensen 18' (saw one of these at the Paddle derby and it makes me drool)

Tandem racer: Croizer v1? (not sure on model). I saw one that had really nice foam contoured seat back surround, custom spray cover, mesh netting on the bottom for a little gear storage, foam capped drink holder/cooler, velcro everywhere for your drink tube, optional front spray cover

Tandem tripper: dont exactly know...Maybe a wenonah Itasca? possibly a MNII with the bow cut down a little?

Solo training boat: Wenonah Advantage
Solo tripper: Wenonah Voyager
Solo Race boat: J-203

Ocean canoe: Kruger Seawind
Surf ski: Epic v8,10,or 12. dont know which.

Boats to look at: A couple cedar strip boats with some cool inlays. Probably one each of a tandem 18', a solo day boat and a race tandem and solo.

Also a kayak or 2 but I dont know which at this time

forget the yacht, I need a big boat house/covered trailer =)

It Took 9 Years…
…but I found and am currently paddling my “Dream boat,” a Bell Starfire. If I won the lotto, I would love to have a blue Colden version of the Starfire. I could “Bag” the Bell and use it for a local Class I-II local stream and for every day. The Colden for special occasions when the risk of damaging was minimal.



Then, for days when I wanted to make some time or just paddle for exercise I’d get a Sawyer Shockwave in kevlar. http://superiorcanoes.com/solocanoes.html#E

I’d also pick up a new tandem. It would probably be either be a Bell Northstar or a Novacraft Pal. That would be a tough decision.



I have paddled the Kruger and owned is predecessor, the Mad River Monarch. Really nice boats, but I can only sit for short periods of time, so those boats are “Out.” 10 years ago I would have added a W&C Chestnut Pal to the list, but my muscle mass seems to be inversely proportional to my age!


Not for sale yet
Supposedly there is a new, ultralight AND strong layup being tested at NDK. That would be my cost-no-object kayak: the same one I have but in the super layup.

forgot the canoe
an ultralight solo canoe, maybe a Wenonah Prism Graphite