Which of the following kayaks

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I am 5'8 (175 lbs.) and in a good physical shape. I consider myself as an intermediate kayaker. I will primarily use the kayak for unloaded evening trips and loaded 2-3 days weekend trips.

The following kayaks are in the same price range at one dealer but I will only have a short period of time at the dealer (travelling through) and unfortunately not be able to try them all.

I have considered the Pilgrim and the Romany as they are somewhat smaller and maybe more accustomed to my size.

- NDK Pilgrim Expedition
- NDK Romany
- NDK Explorer (LV?)
- Valley Nordkapp LV
- Valley Q-boat
- Tempest 170

Delete Tempest 170
and add Tempest 165. Move that 165 seat back 2 inches and you’ll fit fine. Trust me. I’m your size and I’ve owned both.

Nordkapp LV
you are too light for the Q boat I am 6’1" and 175 that boat was too big for me… I love my Nordkapp LV. just my 2 cents

Nice Boat !!!
Lots of good boats to choose from. I have my eye on a Nordkapp for my next SINK.

Add Valley Aquanaut LV to list
I recommend you also consider an Aquanaut LV. Good confidence inspiring boat that has a more active hull than the NDK boats.

The Nordkapp LV is a great boat that serves well as both day boat and for longer outings. It is quick and responsive. However, a number of paddlers have sold off their Nordlows because of finding it too demanding in conditions. If keeping a Nordlow on your list be certain to test paddle one in the more challenging conditions you plan to encounter.

IMHO, you’re too light for an Explorer - the LV has the same hull as a regular Explorer. Better off trying the Pilgrim Expedition.

The Romany is a very fun boat. Many, myself included, cannot imagine parting with their Romany. Of my 4 sea kayaks, I probably paddle my Romany as much as the other 3 combined. That being said, it is a day boat for many and I would be challenged to camp out of it for more than an overnight or weekend - though some have.

The Valley Q boat is very big.

The Tempest 170 is a very solid boat, though no more sexy or exciting than an Explorer.

I didn’t see any TideRace boats listed, but if they are close enough to drive to see, it would be worth it. I have a TideRace xPlore S and it is fantastic as a day boat, rough water boat, point to point, etc…although I wouldn’t use it as a rock garden boat.

Fantastic build quality, fast hull, great performer. I am 6’2 x 185 and fit it like a glove.


NDK Explorer

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The LV is the same volume as the regular size, they just lowered the deck and tucked in the cockpit a good bit. The volume of the boat is bigger than your size, so you'd be pushing spare volume. Also, that is a darned small cockpit. I have one - when I went for my first expedition boat there weren't exactly a ton of choices for smaller paddlers. Much as I love the security of the boat, for you I'd advise to go for the Romany or the Pilgrim.

The Pilgrim probably comes in with a faster hull than the Romany though - at least doesn't start pushing water as soon.

The Tempest 170 is, as above, a bigger person's boat. Also more staid thant he 165 IMO.

Rockpool Alaw Bach TCC
This new boat is arriving at dealers as we speak. Less expensive than all others listed with excellent textured water behavior.

I must disclose that I am the producer of these boats.

In Norway?
From his profile, the OP is in Norway. Are Rockpool and TideRace boats available in Norway?

I second OCD Yakker
Take a look at the TideRace Xplore S. Just picked mine up after demoing the Explorer and the Aquanaunt in both std. and LV, all three are nice boats but the TideRace, wow! Seems to have taken the best of the NDK and the best of the Valley and improved on them. Fit and finish is second to none.

My choice would be the Romney LV or the the Nord. Stay away from the Tempest 17 , it broaches down wind. My favorate is the Greenlander Pro if avalible. Fast,behaves in the rough and loves wind.


3k not that much cheaper

You wallet must be a bit thicker than

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mine. ;-)

The Rockpool Alaw Bach TCC looks to be 16 - 28% less (or roughly $500 - 825) than comparable Brit boats (P&H, Valley, Tide Race, NDK, etc.) I don't know about you, but even if it is 'only' $500 less that is not chump change to me.

Yes we are

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...available in Norway as well as the rest of Scandinavia.

Now we also have dealers on the West and East coasts of the US, too.

Rockpool TCC in Norway
We just shipped a container of “made in the USA” Rockpool Alaw Bach TCC’s to the UK for distribution throughout Europe. From the reviews we expect to ship many more.

Which boat
You might not fit in the Pilgrim, since you are medium size, not small. At your size, it might be slow.

I think you would find the Pilgrim, Nordkapp and Romany to be quite active, exciting boats. Is that what you want? The Explorer would be less active (might feel more secure), but this boat can handle anything, may be the best all-rounder. I know less about the last two boats on your list.

You can’t beat the Romany for rough stuff, but be aware it is a bit slow for distance kayaking.

nordcap lv
explorer lv is nice too but the ones i have seen are very poorly built.

valley has good products and the nordcapp is fast, tender but becomes less so with gear loaded up. she is a rocket.

nordcapp and nordcapp lv are almost the same boat.

“…are almost the same boat.”

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"nordcapp and nordcapp lv are almost the same boat."

Some would differ: "Compared with the Nordkapp Jubilee, this boat is a completely new shape. The only dimension it shares with its namesake is overall width. It has much finer bow and stern sections." -Douglas Wilcox

Cetus LV and Cetus MV
I would also try the Cetus LV and Cetus MV. The MV is new this year so it isn’t in stores yet, but it is at Canoecopia in Wisconsin and will be at the Jersey Paddler for demo.

Many good considerations here.
Valley Aquanaut is in my opinion the best all around boat ever made. If you are up to the requirments of the Nordkapp LV, it is even more fun to paddle. The Q-boat is too big for you. All of the NDK’s are solid performers and I would still consider the Explorer LV, and the Romany is legendary. Your safest play is likely the Aquanaut or the Romany if you cannot get them all on the water. I WOULD NOT BUY A BOAT I DID NOT PADDLE FIRST. A real paddle, not some trip around the harbor. If you don’t have the time, either make it or delay your decision. Take the day off, get a motel room, come back next weekend, or find someone in your area who will let you paddle theirs. As for Tiderace, I would love to check out their boats but I don’t think there are any dealers in the midwest. The Rockpool TCC is essentially an Eddyline boat of Rockpools design. Being thermal formed, it requires a different set of considerations from the composite boats you have mentioned (even there I assume you are looking at composite and not ROTO versions of some of the boats you listed). Is it not wonderful to be in the market for a new boat? Take your time and enjoy the process of evaluation. Your only mistake will be buying too soon, or rushing the process. Bill