Which One? Greenlander Pro/ Silhouette

For a 140 lbs experienced paddler, which boat would you choose and why? Not concerned about quality issues.

Boat will mainly will be used empty.


SIMPLE AS THAT… You paddle both and YOU make a decision based on YOUR gut feel, needs etc. Then go paddle the thing. No one here can make the choice and all the feedback you get will be biased, mostly highly biased. These “this or that” threads are worth what you pay for them.

Both kayaks float, go where you point them, carry gear, roll easily,blah…blah…

For someone your weight…

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...the Silhouette is more appropriate. The Greenlander is a pretty large boat by comparison. However, the Silhouette is a more challenging boat to paddle and you may not be comfortable with it. You definitely need to try them both.

Also consider
The weight of the two kayaks. I don’t know how much the Silhouette weighs but the GP is pretty heavy (mine was 60 lbs). At 140 pounds that might be a handfull for you to carry.


Why these 2 boats?
I am curious how you narrowed down to these 2?

i’m close to your size…
or I used to be! I was 145 lbs when I made that same decision a few years back and for me, I preferred the Silhouette. While I no longer have that particular kayak, I definitely miss it. It’s fast and fun.

your size
You’d be better off with the orriginal Greenlander with the ocean cockpit. Just takes a couple days to get used to the tiny round cockpit. The “pro” version is higher volume and you’re not.

Bill H.


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given your size and the fact that you'll be paddling it mostly empty, the GL pro would probably feel way too big for you. Have you tried it?

As others have suggested, you could try the "regular" greenlander from NDK. Also, if you like the greenland style boats, you might also want to take a look at the Anas Acuta from valley, which would probably be a decent fit for you as well.

Re- Which Ever - Salty
Salty ; your absolutely right with your opinion, but there are several knowledgeable paddlers on this board and I don’t think asking for their opinion would hurt in my decision making process. I have limited access to test paddle a variety of boats so I thought I would ask for some input.

I have an opportunity to purchase a used Pro{never paddled one}, but as of now, response seems to be pointing me towards a Silhouette which I did paddle briefly. I will test paddle Pro before deciding.

I also find from my past experiences, that it takes me about a season to encounter varied conditions to determine if a model is a keeper or not. Thanks to all for their responses.

Why these 2? Wilso j2
I thought these boats specs were close, guess I was wrong. I wouldn’t have known this if I didn’t ask my question. I thought even thou most of my paddling is empty I still want to be able to trip up to 2 weeks out of them. I’m always open to others recommendations.


Silhouette a very snug fit
I recently purchased a Silhouette and was surprised at how low profile and tight the cockpit was.

Since you have already paddled one then you know, but for others looking at this thread a Silhouette is a fairly snug fitting boat.

I was curious…
as besides being hard chined they don’t seem to share a lot.

Overall dimensions convey little of a boat’s personality. We have three boats in the basement whose length is within 1.5" of each other and width within a half inch, yet each is very different (Valley Aquanaut, NDK Explorer LV, Valley Nordkapp LV).

That is Why
I was asking for help with peoples experience, I realize specs don’t begin to tell the story.

Only been in a Greenlander Pro

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which is way too big a boat for me - not the regular Greenlander. So this may not be worth much. I've spent a smidge of time in a Silhouette, earlier on in my paddling when it was pushing the envelope for me in comfort on other issues than size.

My recall of the Greenlander Pro was that it was pretty obstinate about turning - it really had to be at a certain point to turn for me.

The Silhouette, while hardly a playful boat compared to something like an Avocet, was less specific about its edge for turning. It also felt what I'd call more lively now, what I called a little more boat than was a good match for me then.

Those with more understanding of the fine points of boat design may have a better way of talking about this.

They’re nothing alike
My better half has a Silhouette, which I’ve paddled on numerous occasions, and it’s a very likeable boat. Well mannered, and a little light in initial stability, but I like that.

I paddled a Greenlander Pro for a day in Florida some years ago, and coudn’t wait to bring it back to the shop I rented it from, and swap it for an Anas Acuta or a Romany. I found that at 170 lbs, I was too light for the Greenlander empty, and the bow danced all over the place in even moderate chop.

The Silhouette is round-bottomed and hard chined, and the Greenlander is a more traditional V-bottom (Though very bloated by traditional standards - probably because it is intended to be an expedition boat). They don’t handle anything alike, IMO.

"takes me about a season"
Which is why good used kayaks are so GREAT! Get an extended demo period, then resell for near what you pay, and try again.

Great Idea!
There is an almost constant ebb and flow of, new to me, used kayaks in my garage. I scan the p-net and Craigslist classifieds on a regular basis, always looking for a new drug! It’s getting harder to find something now though, as I think I have pretty well used up all of the options. If you stick with the popular models, you can pretty well break even while sampling all of the choices.

Time to build… NM

Hey whatever works

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people often need to confirm their choices, or biases. Do what makes you happy. There's no harm in soliciting opinions so long as you take them for what they are and don't let them cloud your own feelings.

As a former designer and paddler of many many kayaks I can speak with some authenticity when I say that it's very subjective stuff. What's no fun for one is a blast for another etc. The best feedback comes from paddlers you know who have a similar style and paddle the way you do. I have pals who like the same things in boats that I do, so I can believe their reactions to be similar to what mine might be. But, excellent paddlers vary greatly in what they like as well, so unless you know their style it's absract stuff at best.

A Silhouette should weigh…
…between 51# and 55#, depending on who built it.