Who is Andy Zimmerman?

and why should I care that his new company acquired Heritage Kayaks?

His involvement with Wilderness Systems predates my interest in kayaking - outsidw of some limited info I found here and other places online I know nothing about him.

Was he forced out of Wildy, or did he take the money and run?

Any opinions on his new venture Legacy Paddlesports LLC? What so they have other than AZs reputation and Heritage’s depleted, mediocre product line?

Is Zimmerman the man who can restore the reputation of Heritage to what it was when they absorbed Paul Cronin’s Hop on Top?

The progeny of
Mr and Mrs Zimmerman


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Bob's cousin.

Here's a trivia question for ya: Who crooned "I don't believe in Zimmerman."?

"…I just believe in me… Yoko and me…"

Was that a reference to Bob Dylan?

My take on Andy Z. is
not a very nice one. But because a percentage of folks here don’t take kindly to character assasination I’ll keep my full opinion to myself. Yes, I’ve worked with him on multiple occasions (early 90’s) and I’ll just say that with W.S. he just took the money and ran. But what do I know. I’m a open boater.

making kayaks is a business…
…sounds like the guy is a businessman.

A zimmerman is a:

A. Boatbuilder

B. Plumber

C. Carpenter

D. Sells Zimmers

E. Famous singer-songwriter

a percentage of folks
don’t find this forum appropriate to air third party conflicts either


Yes it’s a reference to Bob. Robert Zimmerman was/is Bob Dylan’s real name.

In the song Kudzu was referring to Lennon goes on and on with a list of things/people/deities that he didn’t believe in. Of course in Lennon’s case (I think it’s fair to say) that he was a egocentric/sarcastic SOB who enjoyed being outrageous and pushing limits… In “reality” Lennon was in fact highly influenced by Dylan and (in his own unique way) respected him. FWTW, there’s an interesting chapter in the Barry Miles book on Paul McCartney (“Many Years from Now”) in which McCartney describes a hilarious scene where Dylan visited the Beatles in their hotel room during their first American tour and introduces the “Fab Four” to pot. It’s a fun read.

Whew…. That all really shows my age… ;^)

Hey Lee
Get David Young to give an Andy Zimmerman history! He would get the WS years dead on. Peace Joel

It Doesn’t Look Good to Me, But
You know, it wouldn’t really be that hard to build a decent plastic SOT.

Someday the idea is going to occur to someone out there…

With all due respect…
what exactly would a decent plastic sit-on-top be? And what type of paddling would one use it for?

Why wouldn’t someone just buy a used Futura II for $600.

Seriously, I just don’t get it. I guess I just don’t think its possible to build a “decent” poly sot (although Tim Nemier is a friend of mine…)

OK! Sternsquit! You Nailed Me On That!
It occurred to me after I wrote that post that my idea of a “decent” SOT and Greyak’s idea of a “decent” SOT would be two very different boats!

I know some people would like to have a long skinny SOT that can keep pace with fast touring kayaks. Sort of like a wide stable ski with hatches. I already have a 44# Kevlar HopOnTop 18 AKA Shearwater to fill that need.

Some people would like to have a seaworthy medium range SOT that can keep pace with a traditional 16’ sea kayak. I already have a 50# fiberglass HopOnTop 16 AKA Nomad for that. The Tarpon does a pretty good job of that, also.

My thought is SOTs should not try to be like SINKs! They should be designed to take advantage of SOT strenghts like West Coast style surf launch/landing.

My personal idea of a “decent” SOT would be about 15’ by 24-26" wide SOT with a tank well and keep it under 50#. A flatish hull with soft chines like the Scupper, but swede form. Enough bowshear to make it better looking that the typical SOT.

Decent looking fit and finish with no big ugly hatches. SOT hatches should be flush, and very, very tight. Really, if you get serious about using an SOT in its own environment, maybe no hatches at all…The Tsunami boats don’t have hatches. No rudders, please…

Who is Chpaton?

Who is LeeG?

my point
is what’s your fascination with Andy?

Who is…
Harry Crumb?

and I wouldn’t necessarily
say he “took the money and ran”. The kayak industry is not noted for providing a good retirement for those who have spent the better part of the lives working in it. A handful of people we’re able to cash out, maybe a case of creating the right place at the right time. Good for them.

It will be interesting to see some of them get back in the game and how they do in todays kayak market.


Arts brother?

I’m not fixated on him
I’m curious as to who he is and what his kayak making philosophy may mean to the future of the Paul Cronin SOT designs formerly manufactured by Heritage Kayaks.

Heritage was acquired by Zimmerman’s new venture Legacy Paddlesports LLC.