Who is the "site administrator"?


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Be curious to hear what the problem was.

It’s been fixed! It’s a miracle!

Working for me today. Thanks for the fix!


This is the first time I have been able to access the community in a week, from any device, browser or OS.

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I kind of spoke too soon as I can log in using my iPad but not my iPhone 14+

No biggie so long as my iPad continues to work.

EDITED 5/8. Login on iPhone now works. Maybe some tweaking is going on?

I sent several messages to the admin on my own behalf and those of a friend who just got back from vacation and found herself locked out too. But as of this morning I am back in (obviously). Hope they figured out the bug.

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I am still getting this error message below about 2 out of 3 times I click on a topic. I often have to try more than once to finally see a topic.

Screenshot 2024-05-08 081659

Getting the same message when I select a topic. Something in the software is still off kilter.

String asked me to post that he can’t log in and would Admin contact him by email.

I think he like me tried the “forgot password” route which of course didn’t help.

Admin: member Celia told me this morning she is still blocked.

Aha, so I wasn’t the only person who couldn’t get into the forum for a while.

It wasn’t a password issue. I could log in to Paddling.com, but when I tried to enter the forum, I got “Login Error - There is a problem with your account. Please contact the site’s administrator.”

Of course, since I couldn’t log in, I couldn’t message the admin/mods for the forum. And the Contact page on the main site wasn’t much help.

I finally resorted to clicking on “submit an issue” for the Go Paddling app (on the website Contact page). In the message I explained what was happening, provided my email address, and asked someone to contact me.

That was a few days ago, and though I never got an email, today I was able to log in.

FWIW, I’m on a four year old HP Pavilion laptop, still running Win 10 and using up-to-date Chrome. I never access the site from any other device. Also, I frequently (as in, several times a day) clear all my cookies, browsing history, and cache.

Wow, I can finally log into the forum and post a message.

Previously I was only able to log into the main website, but when I attempted to enter the forums I got the message: “There is a problem with your account. Please contact the site’s administrator.”

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Not the only person who couldn’t login.

I couldn’t login from Work using Edge, Firefox or Brave.
I couldn’t login from Home using Edge or Firefox.
I couldn’t login from my Tablet or mobile Device using Firefox, Chrome or Samsung Browser.

I could logging to the main side but not any of the message boards. Which was frusturation since I couldn’t get ahold of the site admins to give them diagnostic .HAR files from all of my browsers to help them troubleshoot the problem.

It appears, putting my IT hat on for a moment that they are using two separate back ends one for the main site and one for the forums, classifieds etc… with a replication going on between the main site for the login credentials and the forums. And the connection to the secondary DB went sideways, (of course this is all speculation and not that I’m going to lay out their back ends in a public forum.)

But suffice it to say, I was about to give up by the time they fixed the problem and move on to other paddling communities.


Finally I can log in days after a lot of others were back to posting. Three emails to site adm went unanswered and I was just about to give up on the forum forever.

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