why do i want a solo canoe.

when i have a good enough yak for what i do?" but i do want one. i was looking at all the solos on the current in the ozark rend. thread. man they really seem appealing… but what do i tell the wife to justify it… ohhhh the insanity. cabin fever rant march07

Same problem here…
Got 3 yaks but really want a solo canoe too. Have broached the subject with the wife and got a very cool reception. Her response was “this is not a boat yard!” Then she asked me “what do you need it for?” My dumb response was (it’s the only thing that popped into my head) “it can carry more beer!”

Back to square one!


Why you want a solo
You justify it by getting TWO solo canoes, one for you and one for the wife. The sales pitch to her is that you can both canoe together, and each do your own thing at the same time. Secondary pitch is that it will avoid arguments, strengthen the marriage, etc, etc. :slight_smile: Seriously though, it is a great way for husband and wife to maximize the enjoyment of canoeing together.

Wife doesn’t paddle much
She quilts. So I don’t ask her to paddle, and she doesn’t ask me to quilt.


Hey, Andy…
I went solo canoe,and never looked back. Only thing I miss is the speed,but you are right,you can carry more beer,and access it while underway. My favorite thing to do now is sit on the bottom,legs up on the thwart,back against the seat,and let the wind blow me where it wants,watch wildlife,eat drink,and relax. Really I don’t have much trouble keeping up with kayaks,as long as I use a double paddle. Get a tupper boat for some “Duck Head” adventures. Bring the wife to Paddle sports,and I will talk to her.LOL

Happy Paddling billinpa

Hey Andy-
My wife doesn’t paddle a kayak either, but she will paddle a canoe. I’ve been able to convince her that we need a canoe to paddle together.

We’re looking at a Mad River Explorer 14 TT on Friday after work. (This boat can also be paddled solo…Hmmmm.) Not the greatest boat…but the camel may have gotten his nose in the tent. I’ll keep ya posted. BTW-She quilts, too.

I just got a tandem,and my wife can’t paddle much,because of arm injuries. I do most all the paddling,so that’s not a problem for us. My wife was a hell of a bow paddler years ago when we had another tandem,never fought.She was just glad to go out on the water,and enjoyed nature.

Happy Paddling billinpa

Andy, you’ll see rroberts on this board
occasionally. He claims to paddle (he did one Hiwassee run with me), and his wife quilts.

so los
i really liked that beer angle alot. but she knows i usually dont consume untill im off the water… beck wont kayak cause she afraid of snakes. hell i cant hardly get her out in the bass boat for that matter crappie fishin for the same reason…a tandem canoe she likes but wontgo very often . and man those solos catch my eye…im thinkin sell the crappie boat,buy 2 canoes…or do what i do now ,leave her home and take my daughter…

“this is not a boat yard!”

What’s wrong with that woman?

What the heck you got a yard for anywho?



3 yaks, 4 WWC1s, 2 OC1s, 3 OC2s

The red boat? that’s Johns. I ain’t counting’ that one.

Vermont Tupper
Different twist on a solo.

Also a Compass Cayak. Recently bought by Native Watercraft. A couple still around on eBay! At 17-22lbs. it’s awfully easy to get on the water.

See you on the water,



Hyde Park, NY

Why you want a solo canoe
Kayaks are practical boats.

Intuitive to operate.

Simple, reliable tools.

Sexy as a claw hammer.

Canoes are mystical, tempermental, divine and maddening.

They’ve got lines and curves to drive a man to distraction.

Who wouldn’t want one…or two… or eight… or…


More canoes

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My wife just asks me if my life insurance policy is up-to-date and where I keep it. :-)

I tell my wife that I'm selling one of the canoes as justification for buying another .... it's just that buying takes no time while selling can take awhile. I think I made it up to five canoes before my wife really put her foot down and wouldn't let me get another until one was gone. It may have had more to do with her not being able to get her car in the garage.

Problem? What problem?

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This ain't no boat shed!
You have too many canoes!
You don't need "another" canoe!

2 extended cab Ford Rangers get parked in our double garage.
There are 9 canoes on racks, and 3 more hanging from the ceiling in that garage.
There are 2 more canoes in my "loafer shed" annex; one of which is hers.

My wife wants enough room in the garage to be able to park her truck, open the driver's side door, and get out, without hitting a canoe, or bumping her head on a canoe. She has that.

I always volunteer to help carry in the groceries, through the "boat shed".

She has a 3 thousand dollar gardening shed that all her buddies think is just "peachy keen".
A "damn good" investment on my part.

I pay for all my canoes.
No savings; no "our" money gets used.
What problem?
I don't see any problem........

P.S. We used to paddle tandem. I conned her into trying solo. Rigged a solo for her. Put in foot braces. Put in a seat back rest. Got her a gel filled seat pad.
Bought her a beautiful, wood, Bending Branches kayak paddle.
Rigged up some tie down spots for her wild flower & bird books, and binoculars(which I bought). Bought her a waterproof bag for her books, a pfd, paddling gloves, and river shoes. She ended up buying her own solo canoe.

Don't think expenditure; think........."investment".
Be like a magician; use "misdirection".
Even the "wily female" species can be fooled &/or manipulated on occasion.

Never too many boats
My wife told me that if I buy another canoe she will leave me - damn I’m going to miss her! Buy what you want and take the hit. And how may pairs of shoes does she have? I’ve got 10 canoes - 1 kevlar, 3 fiberglass and the rest wood canvas. Three are solo boats so the kids and I can go together and they don’t fight with each other “You’re not paddling right!” Good luck

Good choice jcurtis…

Happy Paddling billinpa

10 reasons ta stay single/divorced

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1. No naggin'...
2. No naggin'...
3. No naggin'...
4. No naggin'...
5. No naggin'...
6. No naggin'...
7. No naggin'...
8. No naggin'...
9. No naggin'...
10. Kin' buy all de canoos or 'yaks yer want/afford wit - no naggin'...


Yes for one more canoe?
I am not a yaker but I am sure hooked on canoeing, so here is my view; one never has enough canoes. I believe I am on number eight now, one for every special occasion. In the collection I have two solos, they are both for WW (banana boats), and yes they are very temperamental. I am still working on the skills required to fully enjoy them, it is that challenge that makes them so attractive. What is still missing in my collection and like to add; is a solo down river canoe, like a Wenonah Agosy or Nova craft Bob Special to be used for short solo trips. My wife does go canoeing with me and the kids, she handles her own canoe with one of the boys, but she is unusually satisfied with a trip or two a year. That is where the solos come in, it all out of consideration for her; I would not want to overdose her on canoeing. Now that line worked for a while but now she caught on to me and after I paddle three weekends in a row she not so happy with me. Got to find a new line!

Scottb’s wife quilts too

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and as Scott said to me once, his wife has enough material to cover 3 football fields. Think my wife does too. In fact she has 3 sewing machines and a room devoted to quilting. The room has cable TV, PC with internet access, and a VCR. And I'm the one who set it all up for her and painted the damn room too. My reason...because I want a solo canoe! And money is not the issue. Hell,the more I think about this.....Paddlesport is in 2 weeks....I wonder if they'll have a Bell Magic in Black Gold with my name on it.....


Now you’re talkin’ - NM