why do kayakers ignore kayakers??

Is it just me, or do other kayakers allways ignore one another?? I dont paddle my pamlico 140 in groups, but I do go to demos, and it seems like kayakers never interact with each other. Even when there are kayakers right near me, they do not say anything. I dont say anything to them because I think they might just ignore my greeting. But it all changes in a canoe. I was solo paddling a Wennona agrosy, and other canoers came up and said hi.

like cars vs. motorcycles

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The drivers of everyday cars generally don't acknowledge one another in parking lots (what would be the point?). But, motorcycle riders do.

Life is full of mysteries.

Yesterday at the take out on Lake Erie Ness and I talked to a jetski rider (souped up rig that he has $15,000 in), two Pelican drivers (husband and wife, wife's addicted already), and an old feller yelling commands at his family while pulling a just-as-old tin lizzy of a power boat out of the water (he thought it odd that I was padding a canoe instead of a kayak like he was used to seeing).

Like JackL said, no need wondering why others didn't say something first.

Man, you get around more than any
other 14 year old I’ve ever met. What state do you live in that allows a 14 yo to drive?

You can’t even think like 14 anymore can you? How long’s it really been, like 25-30 years since you were 14?

You wind me up and I talk, and talk, and
talk, and talk some more.

It makes no difference if I am in the canoe or in the kayak, or putting in or taking out.

Did it ever occur to you to be the first to speak?



My dad takes me to the demos.

just say hi!
Be your own person! Never be afraid to be the first to say hi and be friendly! You can never be criticized for that!

It’s a BCU thing…

perhaps they were thinking the same
And waiting for you to say hi.

You seem like a pretty gregarious kid. Just say ‘hi’. Ask which kayak they’re demoing.

Bring a thermos of hot tea and offer to loan it to them for their demo…

Yup, diversity is good

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Like Clarion said, best to talk to as many different species, as often as possible.

He forgot to add that we also talked to a young fisherman standing chest deep in the lake water.

Oh, and a chatty senior couple taking out a very small sailboat.

yea, I almost forgot about that kid
In him, I could really see myself as a 14 year old.

He was in as deep a water as he possibly be and still cast. He was throwing out his line as far as he could. He was dispirited because he hadn’t got a bite. His foot was cut from stepping on something. And, he was looking at Ness and I in canoes and kayaks and just imagining what he could do if he only had one of those.

He was a good egg.

Where I launch, canoeist and kayayers
talk to one another. Same at the demos I go to. But, my biggest problem are all those people who want to talk while I’m trying to get ready to launch or after I come in from 10-12 hours of paddling and fishing. Sometimes, it takes 30 or more minutes to get rid of them. Happily, a few have bought canoes or kayaks shortly after our discussions.

Try being a bit less obvious
and dress down a bit.

Future Kayak Angler??

could be
I felt bad for the kid because where he was fishing the bottom was a solid sheet of bedrock. No structure whatsoever. But, he couldn’t really see that from his vantage point.

If I was rich, I’d have bought him a boat.

He can still drive?
What is he, 80 or 90 by now?

Canoers drink more while paddling NM

I find
That most of the people that want to strike up a conversation with me are the people who have never jumped into a kayak. They stand on shore and watch you until you come in then they start firing the questions.

My son is 14. He doesn’t want to talk to me. I’ve learned to ignore 14 year old boys. Sometimes I just nod my head and pretend to me interested.

Best one I can share
Cycling club (and a good many of us are well over 50)is comming past this resturant up in Niagara County just as about a dozen members of the Kingsmen MC come out…

The one looks, Points his finger at us and in a loud voice proclaims: “BIKERS”

A sense of humor and the ability to see the other persons point of view is vital to getting along in life.

I don’t know why but they do

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and I'm trying to change it one kayaker at a time.

I walk right up to them and introduce myself. I usually compliment their boat regardless of what kind it is. I've done my share and I can hold my weight with the majority in accomplishments but that doesn't make me any better than anyone else. We should be friendly. You or they don't have to paddle with me or carry on a conversation but a courteous Hi would be nice.

Just because someone has a kayak doesn't mean that they have a new personality and are out spoken. Maybe they are new to the sport and are shy.

Anyhow why don't you be the one to break the ice.

I'm going to have a T-shirt made that says "I'm shy, please talk to me"