Wicking Undies?

So, I have wicking pants a shirts to wear under my dry gear, but I end up with sweaty undies. Any suggestions besides going cammando and braless?

I found wicking briefs at REI
REI branded. They’re also handy for backpacking since they dry easy after washing and are less offensive if you need to wear unwashed. Never use them kayaking though as my base layer there are swim trunks.

Victoria’s Secret doesn’t have them?

I liked your suggestion best.


Cotton Drawers
Have one major advantage until they get wet. Even after that third shake you have some absorbency. Wicking material is great once wet because what happens after that third shake you don’t notice :slight_smile:


Ditto on REI shorts…
…ther are others too. I use the REI brand.


I don’t see the problem
saves some gear that I have to haul around.

I think bras are an instrument of torture designed by men.

Love Wicking Anything
I love my wicking underwear. It can keep you dry during kayaking trips, but you can also have another set of clothes in your car, like underwear if you don’t want to purchase them. I haven’t tried the wicking bras yet.

They are great for travel, the type of item you can take overseas or anywhere so you don’t have to pack a ton of underwear. Mine can dry in 2 hours.

I have wicking shirts too and love them. They have been great for hiking and for kayaking.


I love my wicking t-shirts but the
briefs are slippery.When dry.

I’ve got them in short and full length sizes. Polypro and they’re black, which hide a whole bunch of things.

Campmor has them, and good pricing.

The long…


Couldn’t find the short ones.


The way wicking garments work is
that they are woven from a fiber that has little or no inclination to soak up water, and those fibers are coated with a substance that is hydrophilic, that is, it has an affinity for water.

When there is a temperature gradient, and a water concentration gradient, from your skin outward, then water molecules will move outward by evaporation from the wicking garment, to be replaced by more water molecules from your body. Thus the wicking action.

Cotton also wicks, but it becomes sodden because the water molecules soak into the cotton fibers. Polypropelene fibers do not absorb water at all, and polypro has no surface affinity for water, so polypro tends to stay dry, but if you sweat a lot, your sweat will dampen polypro by capillary action.

Wicking underwear may stay relatively dry provided that there is somewhere for the water molecules to evaporate. But water does not escape from breathable top fabrics (e.g. Goretex) that fast, so enough water vapor may build up underneath that undies can’t wick dry. On a humid day, water molecule removal through breathable fabrics may be quite slow, and undergarments can get kinda soppy.

Wonder fabrics, wicking undergarments and breathable top fabrics, rely on temperature and water gradients to work. Whenever they seem not to be working, think about whether the gradients exist.

What with battery powered pumps ridding canoes of swamp water in seconds, I wonder if we will see tiny ventilator fan systems for drysuits.

lots of brands

Ex officio




moving comfort


Places to buy online:







cheap at Target
I got Champion boxer briefs at target. They’re tight and wicking. Perfect for under a wetsuit or drysuit.

Before that I bought a single pair of polypro briefs at an outdoor store for about $12. It was so ill-fitting that I only wore them once.

I have found UnderArmor compression
shorts to just the ticket. No bunching, wicking, durable, and I can clear out a campground if I walk around in them with my fat *ss. Bill

all fleece not equal
The best wicking fleece to date, based on it’s design is Powerdry made by Polartec. LLBean underwear uses this material.

excellent comfort & quality
I have the Ex-Officio brand purchased from REI. I thought they are pricey to start with, but discovered they are excellent quality, comfortable for daily use as well as for camping/canoeing trips. I was surprised at how well they have held up without the elastic giving out, seams giving way, etc. I only wish they came in more colors.


Wow! I just went to REI’s site for the link and discovered they DO come in more colors. Mine have been so long-lasting, that when I purchased them they only came in black, white and a couple of colors I didn’t like. More of a color choice now and time to restock.

EMS has two excellent options…
For hiking, I use the boxer/briefs. Excellent for keeping the nether regions comfy and completely eliminate any chafing of the upper inner thigh, even after rugged 8-12 mile day hikes. The wicking boxers are great for everyday wear, but I use them for kayaking mostly. A little pricey for a drawerful, so my cotton boxers do the heavy lifting (errrr, sorry).

find 1 man to agree with you

ditto the duofold
Good performance and great price.

Yes, ex-officio,
the lady of my house won’t have anything else. She goes nuts if REI is out of them.