Wildlife photo thread

Y’all are too kind.

What a beautiful river! I’d love to know what the little bird is, now that I’ve discovered I am a bird person.

For The Birds

Trumpeter Swan

Green Heron

Prothonotary Warbler

White Phase of Little Blue Heron

Oyster Catchers on Lunch Break

Wild Blue Yonder

Ruddy Turnstones and Summer Plumage on a Sanderling I think.

Sanderling and Piping Plover

Mixed Nesting Colony of Skimmers and Least Terns

Tree Shallows Swarming a Myrtle Tree at the coast for the Abundant Mosquitoes and Berries.

Prothonotary warbler, green heron, and black-shouldered spinylegs dragonfly.
Central Florida.


Great Photos Sissy! My ribbon snake photo isn’t as good as yours posted to this thread either.

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Here are a couple more bird shots of a Prothonotary Warbler taken while on the water paddling the Saluda River.

I meant to post this photo of a Yellow-crowned Night-Heron last night when I posted For the Birds.

And a nest with the chicks in it. They are the fuzzy stuff you can see sticking up above the nest.


Prothonotary warblers are the cutest, and they don’t stay still!
I’ve been seeing fewer and fewer yellow-crowned night herons on the Wekiva. Finally saw two juveniles in August.


Nice. The Trumpeters around here have been wiped out by evil invasive mute swans.

@sissy103 and @castoff I am loving your bird photos!

I have an update on the abandoned domestic ducks. I see them regularly with their adopted wild flock, and they are comically large in comparison. There are a few houses between the boat ramp and the restaurant that has been feeding them. This morning I saw the entire flock and “my” two being fed by a homeowner. I stopped to talk with him and he is aware they are domestic. He talked to his vet about what to feed them. My heart practically swelled right out of my chest upon hearing this. And he has made arrangements with a local farmer who keeps ducks to try to catch them and take them to their farm once the wild ducks leave. So yay! No photos again - today was a fitness paddle. I can’t tell you how relieved I am.


Thank you Pru. Here is one I almost missed.


Great Blue Heron in a tree

Green Heron

“My” ducks :heart:


A momentarily wild puppy.


“Irrational exuberance”?
Greenspan never went fur roomies,
nor investing time with those canine
seldom spent of stocked-up zoomies.

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More Bryozoans:


I had confirmation from two knowledgeable people that the mystery bird on the stump in the water is a Yellow-billed Cuckoo. Sure would have liked a better photo of that one.

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does the fuzzy animal on the shore count?

You have to careful of those mountain lions… :slightly_smiling_face:

Neat! Thank you.

You captured a duck’s ass, too. (or at least a snag that looks like one.)

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Cul de Cunard

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