Winter activity

Just what do you do during the winter months when the water is froze?

Do you work on your canoes and kayaks? Or paddles?

Do you plan spring adventures?

Do you dream about paddling?

I go paddling .

I back-country ski and downhill ski or mountain bike, depending on conditions.

Great discussion topic, too.

re: what to do
since i’m new to paddling, i’ve been researching, reading, trying to track down my canoe for next year.

other then that, walking the dog, working, a little bit of geocaching and catching up on couch time.

Downhill ski
Downhill ski every Saturday and Sunday from 9-4. Kart my daughter around the state to races every weekend. She races slalom, GS and Super G. Every weekend is either race or training. I LOVE WINTER!

Back country skiing…
and Ice Climbing when I can…

I also go paddling.

Kool me’self down fro’…
all dat over heatin’ durin’ de rest o’ de year.


We’re lucky
It’s rare for everything to ice over. Since the spring of 99 there are only two months that I didn’t paddle.

When I am stuck at home it’s usually planning trips and couch time.



I used to read Brent’s guidelines for
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he posed questions and is therefore
seeking advice or suggestions, no?

By the way,

Hike, Bike, clean garage to find room for more stuff.

Also watch Giants football. And drink Guiness.

Come join us for a paddle in the …
Florida Keys.

Did I ever tell you how wonderful retirement is when you have good health ?

Jack L

But is this really the best forum? Or
is it obvious from the guideline that it is not?

Moving water doesn’t freeze
But my paddling does slow down in January and February.


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Sometimes, it's just too hot & sunny to have a completely enjoyable paddle in summer, what with the high solar index we typically run in the middle of August and all, but starting with fall, and through winter and spring, we have such beautiful weather you'd want to sing.

Jack & Nanci come down, and we've seen Canunut and Baldpadler and String and RedCross Randy a time or two, and they'll also chime in on how good paddling here in winter is, too!

Of course, upstate resident Captain Ken and the Keys own Grayhawk come down (or up as the case may be) once or twice, and that's also real nice.

See, hard water's never our norm, and winter here is often quite warm, so we all cheerfully get our boats and gear, meet up, hit the water, and


-Frank in Miami

Winter things to do…

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We still try to get out on the river for a day or two if the weather is decent. Won't go out to suffer needlessly.

If weather warms up enough I'll go for a short ride on one of my motorcycles. Might go to the bike shop; hang out & really try to learn something.

Read a LOT, watch old movies, work on canoe maintenance, repair & outfitting, or re-outfitting.

Go out to my "loafer's shed" & do some wood destruction project.

Take a spur of the moment "road trip" to visit friends or family.

Look for a canoe I "really" want as a keeper.

I am very fortunate; I seldom do anything I don't want to do..........
"Sometime I sit & think; sometime I just sit".


Go paddling… And…
Go snowshoeing. We grab out kayak anchors to pull us across the “ice covered” portions of the river.

Then we get out the snowshoes & go geocaching or camping.

Paddle easy,


Have done all those in the past
Built a wood boat from a kit one winter.

Did most of a home renovation project another time.

Planned many a spring trip during the long, dreary stretch called winters.

Dreamt of paddling, yep.

Then last winter I threw in a 5-wk trip to Florida to paddle. Despite record-setting cold the entire time, you bet I was glad to be there, because 30 degrees colder than normal in FL is still much nicer than 30 degrees colder than normal in the Rockies!!!

So I took off again, this time to Georgia. Too bad the Arctic blast has barreled in. Water’s not frozen (it’s seawater) but I haven’t paddled since Saturday, not with the strong winds and 40-degree temps.

Instead, I’ve been studying kayak-related materials even more: navigation, marine life, barrier island creation, weather, local history. Taking long and frequent walks along the beach, becoming familiar with the tidal changes and wondering at where the huge ships headed for the Savannah River came from. Today I couldn’t believe how low the Low had gotten, lower than I’d seen in the last month. It’s not a minus-tide day, so I guess all that wind blowing offshore must’ve done it? Weird.

Still, I’ll be happier when it warms up again. Nothing like “hands on” physical activity to brighten one’s mood.