Wish for real waterproof head light.

Have been through a couple Aurora’s and taking them back just does not feel right. Now onto a Tikka which got some SALTwater in it the other night and is still fine. Realize these are not submersable and it feels weird even reading instructions which state to rinse/dry them out, which never really worked with the Aurora.

Only getting a bit of paddle spray on them has me blowing/drying them out and taking valuable time away from worrying about other stuff. Is there a lightweight headlight out there that i can just toss on shelf for few even if it gets wet? Princeton Tech’s O -ring one (forgot the name) is off the list too. Thinking of going back to the Tekna flashlight / headstrap.

Thanks for any info.

Best headstrap is the
Jakstrap II absolutely. Other than that maybe streamlight can come out with something waterproof but the only one I’ve seen is the oul coughlans waperproof headlamp and it’s realy heavy. Four AA’s and a heavy casing all in front…

Maybe Check out llbean. They were making some claims a while back.

Just wondering
whats wrong with the Princeton Tech’s one?

Eos working so far

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Best we can do for each other here is report personal experience
with a product and be real about it, how it was treated, under what conditions, for how long and each judge for ourselves.

I'm reluctant, due to Peter and maybe others not good experiences with Princeton products making claims and not living up.

That said, have had the Eos now for couple of months, repeated dunkings in semi-salty lower Hudson, cold and dirty conditions, it is fine, so far. Can't say how it would hold up to salt and surf however. I treated headlamps like I do my drysuit, very carefully and I disassemble it after it gets dunked and exsposed to salt, clean and 303 it. Don't know long term.

They don't advertise it for marine or underwater use, so it may not be what we need something truly waterproof in salt and not long term tough. Only best lightest light I found so far. I am a compact and super light weight nut, so others may find something heavier and more durable more to their liking.

lots of lights

Some head lamps

I have an old first generation princeton tech L.E.D. matrix. Its been to hell and back , is waterproof,and I never had a problem with it. So I was wondering what you found wrong with it

where are they

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Swedge where are the head lamps, sorry could not find them

You have to look for them but they ARE not rated as submersible. But I too have an Older matrix that has been submerged several times works fine…

black diamond
has a couple models that they sell as waterproof. I purchased one and was pretty impressed by the waterproofing. Basically a thick rubber gasket that gets torqued down when you tighten the main screw to the battery compartment.

Those aurora’s definitely look cheap in comparison.

Am I missing something?
Princeton Tech lights of the Solo/Matrix design (screw-down bezel) are advertized as waterproof to 2000 feet. Surely they can handle some saltwater splash.


Weight is the issue
Underwater head mounted or handheld lights have the big advantage of being near weightless underwater. What kayakers need is a head mounted waterproof light with an external power source such as a belt pack. This would keep the weight off your neck and provide a power source like 8 C-cells strapped at a low level for long time or high power lighting. Bob

why so much power? The LEDs can run for days.

headstrap w/aa minilite
I use a headstrap with a poket for a small (aa) minilite. Hasn’t failed me yet but hasn’t seen salt water either.


Princeton Tec’s?
I know of a guy who says he uses two Princeton Tec’s strapped to his ankles for flounder gigging. He has a reputation for being very accurate in his assessments of equipment.

I was thinking of putting them on my Christmas list. Are ya’ll saying you’ve had a notable percentage of bad experiences with them?

Not out to bash Princeton Tech.
They may have improved it now but I was sort of disgusted with my 2000 ft.O- Ring Solo Tech’s foil strip battery connections. I was excited to find the Aurora as they seemed to be just right for paddling. As described above, light weight, compact, only one strap, several battery saving levels and the claim of waterproof… perfect. I even found they worked great simply wrapped around the top bar as a decent slow speed / I’m here bicycle light. We (were) using these for night paddling on our heads. No rain, dunkings, or even being dropped. The first ones we had never even got ‘wet’ before they would only come on intermitantly after repeatedly operating the button. I DID think to myself there is no way these can be waterproof and made a point to not eat dinner 'till opening them up to dry just in case… yet they both ceased operating after a couple weeks use… NO Corrosion in site. Good thing we are not in a cave. Got another one… same story. Just for punishment got another one and hammered it, salt water spray, dropped it a few times + full freshwater rinse and warm air dry at home … just to see what would happen. Lasted less for 6 paddles. Trying the Tikka now just to see.

Yeah … too much!
OK … I agree that’s a bit much for LEDs … but you get the point. Has anyone tried packing the case where it opens with dielectric silicon grease?

Check out NiteRider’s lights
The company makes (or used to make) a line of SCUBA lights. Even though their bike lights are sturdy and appear to be waterproof, the brochure with mine explicitly stated that it was not meant for immersion and to use one of their dive lights if that was likely.

Their lights are very expensive but also much, much brighter and whiter (not that icky blue–or yellow–cast to it) than any other outdoor products.

Well I like the princeton screw downs
like the Attitude and Impact a lot. Never failed me. I just tuck in in my PFD pocket and roll and swim like the wild man that I am.

Take a look
at the Pelican “Heads Up Lite” sold through Lab Safety Supply (www.LSS.com) These are industrial grade equipment watertight to 500’. (And approved for use in hazardous locations if you ever paddle through any fuel spills :wink: I haven’t used this specific light, but have used a couple of other products from that manufacturer.