Wishing I could go kayaking

I always enjoy reading some of the posts here. It makes me think about my next paddling outing, which will be a few months in coming. But I can dream— for now.


A bunch of us are wishing the same.

Get an ice boat and sail.

I don’t think sailing over the ice would be very pleasant. Here’s what the temp was at 9:00 AM and that is not with wind chill. Add enough wind to move a boat over ice and I am betting a warm fire in the wood stove would sound like a better time.
Cold this morning by Steve Zihn, on Flickr


Went Sunday and it was beautiful, it is one of myriad reasons I live in Florida.


I wish I could go canoeing.

I do like the down time of winter for doing other stuff and dreaming about getting the garden planted and summer stuff. So far we have been fair weather boaters and stay out of the water until the water temp permits. I am thinking of getting better gear to extend the season maybe a month on each end.


Take trip to FL

I go 35° and up. Not keen when water starts freezing all over the kayak. Sunny and 30° works till it sets them game over. Wind 15 or less when it’s 35°.


Yep, that’s why I moved here. After spending 36 years in New England, I was cold all the time and tired of only being able to paddle and sail a few months of the year.

I do sometimes feel bad posting pics of paddling in warm weather during the winter - I’ve been on the other side and it isn’t fun!!

Of course, go ahead and post. It’s a paddling site. :slight_smile:

Also, some of us in New England are just not jealous of the warm weather. My older sister lived in Florida for 10 years. Never once visited her. She needed to come back up to see our parents and her siblings at the family home in Boston. She then moved to Phoenix. I visited her when she was dying of ovarian cancer and then subsequently attended her funeral… 110 degrees. I hate that heat but was more consumed with the grief of our loss. Have not been back to Phoenix since.

My other sister has lived in College Station, TX, for over 25 years with her professor spouse. I have yet to visit her. She too has to come back up here for visits to our family home in Boston.

I seriously hate the heat. Hate heat and humidity even more.



Nice and chilly down in College Station today.

Not fun cooped up in house with kids waiting out the ice storm but supposed to be back in 50s this weekend :crossed_fingers:
Hoping to get out on the water then.

Jiminy Crickets I don’t think I’ve ever seen a thermometer that goes that low. I was tempted to go yesterday when it was about 20F in SW MI because my favorite put-in was wide open and it felt warm for 20.

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‘indoor’ paddling

just kidding, spend the money on another cord of wood
(better yet, save the money and cut the wood yourself)

Here in southern New England we just had the warmest January on record - not a single day with the high temperature below freezing. Most days got into the 40’s. It is going to reach the 40’s for the next two days, then be bitterly cold for the weekend, then back up into the 40’s next week.

Around here, even during a normal winter I can find moving water that is open year round. Usually the dead-water behind dams and lakes/ponds are frozen by now, but not this year. I also have the ocean, so paddling year-round is not a problem. Toughest part can be finding people to go with me.


Similar to @eckilson here in southern Michigan; I’ve been able to get out on the river seven times this year. Even the lakes were open. January returned to its regularly scheduled programming a few days ago: morning temps are in the single digits, the river steams and skim ice floats on by. The biggest challenge when it does warm up is getting in and out due to shore ice, particularly when water levels have fallen and the shore ice slants down to the water. That and keeping my feet warm - not much loft room for thick socks in my paddling boots.
Still, paddling in winter is well worth the effort. https://forums.paddling.com/t/pretty-pictures-just-pretty-pictures/74924/1662

I do understand this side too - the heat and humidity here in the summer can be pretty tough. I just tolerate the heat fine, but not the cold. Some are the opposite. I had my drysuit on a couple of weeks ago and one of my paddling friends asked if I was OK since his usual paddling partner tends to overheat easily. It was in the high 70s and sunny and I hadn’t even thought about it.

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Conversely, whenever I get out of the water and start putting my boat back onto the car racks, I almost invariably get asked by beach walkers/observers (as I did by three folks just this weekend), “Looks like fun, but aren’t you cold out there!?!” To which I cheekly replied, “Naw!!! It’s like Florida out there!” Of course, I usually immediately followed up with, “Seriously, my wetsuit keeps me warm. And, this is specifically thicker for winter.” Also, I’ll emphasize that one should have some kayaking skills, like rolling and self rescue. This placates those who expressed concern because they had seen me capsizing on the waves (and to dissuade those few who say, “Oh, I should try that”). Their usual response is generally, “Glad you are enjoying yourself out there.”



I’m with you, Sing, I’ll take a New England winter over a Florida summer any day. I mean, you can always put more clothing on, but there’s only so much you can take off. Though I do wish I could paddle in winter. A dry suit may be in my future.

I don’t mind the heat or the cold, just the extremes. I hate short days though.
If the weather doesn’t rain and wind isn’t gusting over 20. I hope to do another multiple day paddle trip to the coast soon. Had to cancel two trips because of bad weather in January. Hope to have better luck this month. I did get out canoeing a couple of times for the day in January during breaks in the weather. Love the spring and the fall!

Early January St. Hellena Sound, SC Not a snowflake to be seen!

Late January one of the day long canoe trips on the Saluda river, SC.