You know the seasons are changing when

I’ll go first.

  1. You don’t see any more turtles
  2. The dog loses her enthusiasm to fetch sticks out of the river
  3. The water temp drops by one degree per day
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Autumn came to a tired green Summer,
now grey she alights on crowns of umber,
where once rose gold inflamed in her glow,
all that she colors falls into snow.

  1. you get that special crunch from the bow.

RV traffic picks up on southbound lanes on I-95 and I-75 ,when there is little RV traffic in the northbound lanes.


You have the local paddling hotspot to yourself.(Lake George,wetern IL)


The motor heads are long gone.

The common loon arrives along the MS Gulf Coast and serenades while I paddle in the MS Sound and I suppose they fatten up on menhaden and mullet.

Here in Beaufort SC, our swing bridge over the ICW opens more often during the day to let increasing boat traffic travel south. The town is seeking Historic register status to protect this 61 year old structure.

unfortunately, a bit of a spike of cold water drownings

There is one season that seems to want to linger - we’re so ready for it to end…

The Mosquito Coast is taking a real beating this morning. Pray for those souls today.


I feel sorry for the Mosquito Coast today. I’m still cleaning my properties from Zeta. Roofer is out of blue tarps so I am going up to tarp a rental property this afternoon. Luckily this is the last time sensitive issue for me. For a break from post hurricane fun, I will be leading a local open water paddle on Saturday.

You know the seasons are changing when, after paddling, you find yourself looking for campsites that are in the trees, sheltered from the wind, and near a good supply of downed wood for the campfire. Suddenly that unobstructed view of the Milky Way or the rising sun isn’t as much of a priority anymore.

When you paddle right past that big wide open sandbar you had such a fine night camping on a few weeks ago and it has no appealiance at all anymore, yet you want to tip your hat to it - and notice you’re wearing a stocking cap instead of a straw panama.

When you realize you’re pitching the tent to protect against the morning fog, that forms when cold air meets warmer water, rather than from mosquitoes. And when the cranes are gathering in large flocks rather than pairs or trios, when Orion becomes a prominent feature of the night sky, the proper functioning of the zipper on your sleeping bag becomes a really desirable feature, there’s nobody else on the water, and the DNR took all the porta potties from the boat landings.



We 're having a shot of warm weather and I actually saw some turtles yesterday. Little muddy ones. Unfortunately also saw one jet ski today after I’ve been enjoying the change to fishermen in aluminum boats that have been super friendly and polite.

Looks like it’s coming back to S. Florida and then ???
Starting to do a little prep bracing in the Keys…

A word a friend of mine made up and which I’m finding useful. :wink:

We’re pretty lucky though… There are certainly too many folks getting hit with seriously dangerous weather and for whom I wish the season would change and offer some relief. Some have been mentioned, but a truly terrible wildfire season is still ongoing for a great many others. And too little mention is made of all of it… It would be a blessing of grand proportions to see the seasons change to bring rain/snow to the west. Sooner would be better. Those who toil to contain these are truly heroes, IMHO.

You know
we’re well
too well
and tough
with less
of life
that is turning
a spit
of fire
so very
shook on
to falls
souls this

To answer the original question, when Paris the snow dog looks cold.


You know the seasons are changing (to winter) when it takes as long to dress and undress as it does to do the actual paddling.


When the eagles are nesting, the crowds are gone, the asters are blooming by the creek, the sky is deep blue, the kingfishers are back, and the leaves are turning.


We had a cloudy afternoon in the 70s. More color in places than I thought there would be.

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