Boats on cars - let’s see ‘em!

Priorities seem right to me!

Last week my car got slammed by a faulty gate at the marina where I launch my kayaks. It was a surprisingly expensive amount of damage ($1200). The owner is sending me a check. I’m debating just putting that toward a new boat…


Here’s my Rockpool lsel and Impex Currituck. With Yakima Mako Aero saddles on 2012 Lexus ES


Might as well if you can kive with a dent.

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What year is the MGB, late 60’s?

My eddyline sitka lt on my Toyota matrix


That is a 1968 Datsun roadster. I have three more.

Not a great picture, but I thought it might be a good idea to have proof that the kayaks were on the car when we checked into the hotel room, just to be on the safe side.