Boats on cars - let’s see ‘em!

Priorities seem right to me!

Last week my car got slammed by a faulty gate at the marina where I launch my kayaks. It was a surprisingly expensive amount of damage ($1200). The owner is sending me a check. I’m debating just putting that toward a new boat…


Here’s my Rockpool lsel and Impex Currituck. With Yakima Mako Aero saddles on 2012 Lexus ES


Might as well if you can live with a dent.

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What year is the MGB, late 60’s?

My eddyline sitka lt on my Toyota matrix


That is a 1968 Datsun roadster. I have three more.

Not a great picture, but I thought it might be a good idea to have proof that the kayaks were on the car when we checked into the hotel room, just to be on the safe side.


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Do you have a Lasso Lock? I use mine for traveling.

Yes, there’s a lasso lock on the blue Delta, a cable and padlock on the orange Pelican, and then another cable with padlock wrapped around both kayaks (and the cross rails of course.)

Sounds like the boats aren’t going anywhere without the car attached.

Someone shared this in our Maryland Kayakers group on FB.
Its close.


You should take a look at Python Locks from Master Locks.

They cinch down real tight to fit exactly what you put them around. Available in several thicknesses and up to 30’ long. I’ve got two sets - one for each boat. Dropped them, got them wet - they take a beating.

Of course no cable is really theft-proof but snug a pair around your boat at each roof rail and you’ll discourage many wouldbes that expected to find just a nylon strap.

I live in Amish country and I can guarantee there is nothing holding that on the buggy except the weight of the canoe. :canoe:

I still mourn my 1992 Volvo 740 and 1995 turbo 850 wagons (but mostly the 740). You are right about the SUV (Stupid Useless Vanity) concept, combined with mini-vans, destroying the .fabulously utilitarian “family” station wagon. These were ideal for long boat loading hauling as well as for being able to sleep in the back and haul great volumes of stuff.

Interesting bit of Volvo trivia: I bought a lot of flat pack furniture and kitchen caninets from IKEA back when I had tge 740 and discovered that the dimemsions of IKEA packaging aligned in a modular way with the wagon interior — I could pack an entire kitchen worth of cabinetry and counter blanks in the 740 with barely an inch to spare all around.

Those blocky wagons also provided excellent 360 degree visibilty for the driver and the “brick” shape meant you always knew where your corners were and they were a breeze to parallel park.

If Volvo would resurrect the 740 in its original form (though with front wheel drive) and in a stick, I would buy one in a heartbeat.

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Bring the super glue?

Why sleep just 2 when you can bring everyone?

Why load two boats when you can load just one?

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