Boats on cars - let’s see ‘em!

I’d love to see how you get them up there. We struggled to get out boats on a Jeep Wrangler, even using the Rhino Rack Side Loader, which made it tons easier.

A rack system from Kari-Tek. A UK based company. I got mine several years ago when someone was importing them. I don’t think they still do but you could contact them. Virginia Sea Kayak Center. The website doesn’t look like it’s valid anymore. They do have a FB page.


That’s awesome. I saw those online a few years back, forgot all about them. Thanks!

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I thought Marshall was talking about those or something similar a while back?

Nice Fiat van!

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Love the XC-70!

I had one of these for carrying 2 kayaks and found it useful. An interesting design benefit is that you can load the first kayak, raise it, change the pivot point, so that the first kayak becomes a counterweight to the 2nd, helping with the lifting. As I got older and even more puny, I went to the hullavator.

Definitely a bit harder to raise than a hullivator, with no type of “assist” built in it. Especially when I have an 85 lb. Dory row boat on it. But other than a crane, it’s been a good product for me.

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Have kayak will travel.


Going on, hope it qualifies

Never thought it was insane till I found this picture I didn’t know I had.


I just finished looking at all the photos of boats on cars. One thing I learned is that I really am a terrible photographer. Here’s my contribution - Alaw Bach on my 2010 Rav4 with Marco saddles. Not yet strapped down. I have massive eye bolts in my front bumper I use for the bow straps, and I use the tow hooks under the rear bumper for the stern. I’m a big fan of NRS straps. I once had 6 whitewater boats stacked on this car for a shuttle. No photo, though, terrible or otherwise.

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I have the 1.3m version on my 4Runner. I just changed bars and need to make adaptors to reinstall it though.

A couple is coming to put their new Point65 Mercury Tandem on the water tonight and I was being lazy so the cockpits went on high and the ends went inside. Normally the bow fits into the forward cockpit so it’s just 3 sections.

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Does this count?


It counts but only 50%. :wink:

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Loaded for tomorrow. Tandem Loon, Otter, Keewee and a Pack on a custom built rack.


When your canoe is worth four times as much as your car lol.


Perfect paddling vehicle.