Boats on cars - let’s see ‘em!

Nova Craft Aramid Lite Bob Special (15ft., 40 lbs.) on 2013 Mercedes E350 (16 ft., 3979 lbs.). It is a light and stable short tandem bought in West Virginia two weeks ago for my daughter and granddaughter in Florida.

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Oldies … Pygmy AT14 sold to Michigan…
1999 Subie sold to Marathon FL… pretty sure it was washed away in hurricane Irma 2017

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First time with two boats on top! Last year we had just the Malibu Two tandem that we strapped deck-side-down onto the crossbars but this year got a Malibu 9.5 before stock dried up everywhere. So we got the Malone Foldaway-5 to transport both on their sides and it worked great on the first trip through Donner Pass.

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Sorry it’s taken a bit to get back with you Goobs.
The rack I’m using is by Kargo-Master and I found it at Checking their website, it appears that the design has been updated and “improved” so that it would no longer work with a cap.
Mine mounts on a flat plate that goes on top of the bed edge and under the edge of the cap and sticks out beyond the body for the upright to bolt into. Current design looks to be angle piece that puts the upright on top of the bed edge and so no room for the cap.
I’m not aware of another rack similar.

Thanks for the response. I was afraid that the set up you have had long since vanished from the Earth because it was something people just bought and hung on to, and manufacturer’s hate that!

I’ve been looking steadily and haven’t found anything except Oak Orchard Canoe and Kayak seems to offer a “store brand” rack system of their own design that will work on my truck under a fiberglass lid.

I have a long bed, as in an 8 foot bed truck. I’d like to find a way to carry a 12ft and 10ft kayak in the bed and still retain the ability to lock the lid.? I’m thinking I could get one of those metal tailgate extenders and notch the crossbar to set the kayaks down in the notched section. Or I could easily have my carpenter friend build me a rack to use on the tailgate out of wood.

One day I’ll get motivated enough to either do something, or just buy a trailer.



Harrisburg, PA :grinning:

Look to the construction world for racks that will fit under a lid or topper. I’ve used them on my trucks in the past. A quick google search for “truck ladder rack under cap” will give you lots to look at. The crossbars won’t be a standard Yakima/Thule size, but it’s generally pretty easy to adapt accessories to fit them.

Hello ptickner,

At your urging I searched and found a place that will mount rails, towers, and cross bars on my ARE fiberglass truck lid.

The downside is that I will have to wait quite a while for them to get the parts to do it, but the price is right and so I’ll gladly wait.

Thanks for giving me a push!


Tim Murphy

Harrisburg, PA :slight_smile:

I cartop a 12 ft. Pack canoe or a 14 ft Kayak on a Chevy Colorado’s A.R.E. cap (it has factory rails and Yakima round bars/towers).

A seven inch extension (available online) to a pickup receiver and this Yakima product will permit fully opening the tailgate and ARE upper hatch while a twelve foot canoe is lashed to crossbars above. A ten inch extension would allow it with the Kayak, as well.

It also provides a third lashing point for securing the boat.

Photos if needed.

(Tap the word ‘LongArm’, in the ad for a link to Yakima’s website)

Great! I hope they work out for you.

Regular bed, everything else is a short bed. :wink:

Tim Murphy?? You shoot flintlocks at long ranges? Timothy Murphy, the Irish American Who Turned the Tide at Saratoga

Valley Avocet and Aquanaut LV on top of a Chevy Bolt using Thule Dockglide saddles.

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Glider on a Prius


New one finally arrived. Rack and boats swapped over. This should get me to the canoe launches…


Those canoes are gorgeous!

Here are my boats!

#1: Hornbeck Boats New Trick 14

#2: Adirondack Canoe Company “Boreas”

#3: Hemlock Canoe Works “Peregrine”

#4: Slipstream Watercraft “Impulse 13” set up as a solo canoe.


It is not pretty, but it is all mine.


Wilderness Systems Tarpon 135T
atop our Jeep Grand Cherokee. I no longer carry it topside in J-cradles. Now I put the “bus” on saddles on our Rack ‘n Roll along w/ my Dagger Katana 10.4 (J-cradle).