CD Solstice GTS bungees & straps

I just purchased a used 2007 Current Designs fiberglass Solstice GTS. :smiley: I need to replace the bungees and straps/buckles that go across the hatches. They’re looking a bit worn. The rudder line seems to be OK, although I’m going to double-check it. CD doesn’t have any replacement parts and doesn’t know when they’ll get any in. Does anyone have any recommendations for what brand I should get instead? Basic black will be fine, as it’s a yellow boat. And sizes? Thanks!

There are many places to buy what you need. This topic mentions several and provides useful information for people that are new to this (like me):

New Bungee Cord Question - Advice -

Wonder how they build boats with no bungee or straps?

Bungee on eBay buy USA made marine grade bungee. Photograph bungees the way they are installed before removing them to put it back like OEM.

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Soak you straps in some 303 protectorant.

Canvas shop can copy your straps if you have the aluminum buckles. Each replacement strap (2 pc) pair is probably 25-30 bucks or mote the way things are going if they had them. Newer boats have canvas snaps in them to keep them locked better.

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Rudder haul line try

If you have to replace it take photos and measurements so you can recreate it exactly. They sell a kit already done if they have it.

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Sometimes known as shock cord I found some good prices here and choice of color and diameter.

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A couple of years ago I had to replace a hatch strap on my CD Isle. I ordered from Topkayaker a length of black webbing that was the same width as the original, cut it to match the hatch straps, and put in holes for the screws using an awl. BTW I reused the screws, nuts, and cam levers from the original. Subsequent to that CD sold a hatch strap kit on their website for $45 (which I thought was outrageous, but there you go). I don’t think they offer it anymore. As to the installation, it surprised me that the screw holes of the straps were drilled all the way through the kayak. Reattaching the screws was a two person job because of the placement and the hatch dimensions.

I have a 1995 CD fiberglass Solstice GTHV and I have just started replacing bungee (shock cord) and deck lines.

I’d suggest buying bungee and deck lines from a marine/boat supply shop, definitely use polyester double braided cordage for deck line. Polyester is UV resistant. I think most of the original deck line is 4mm. I’d replace all of the deck line s and the rudder lines.

I’d also use polyester webbing. The webbing is the only thing I have not yet purchased.

Certainly, reuse the aluminium cam buckles, do not through them out. All the other fastener hardware can be replaced if necessary.

You may find many of the seals under the different hardware has failed. I have many leaks at the places hardware or straps are fastened to the boat. Fortunately, nothing more than simple rubber O-rings need to be replaced, although I am having ‘fun’ getting the nut/bolt apart at the plastic deck line guide.

And yes, definitely take lots of pictures of how everything is set-up and how it goes back together.

I hope that helps.

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45 for three straps and cam buckles is cheap. You still should be able to buy them. Not sure why they said no. Have a shop stitch you new straps it will be more than 45 bucks at least near me.

If you are doing the deck lines too I just did a boat with this product and its really nice, high quality and very reflective:

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I use rubber washers, flat SS washers, and nylock nuts.

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bungee cord in bulk…1. see West Marine store
2. see CLC Boats… scroll down Rigging Hardware for Small Sailboats
3. duckworks…Hardware - Paddleboat Hardware - Duckworks Boat Builders Supply

Straps and buckles…1. CLC boats Marine Fasteners - Stainless Steel & Silicon Bronze Fasteners & Hardware: Screws, Nuts & Washers - Buy Individually or in Boxes of 100
2. also West Marine

West Marine is the biggest rip-off in the world. Beware!

Buckles are proprietary to CD

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Also, for what it’s worth, on my CD Isle I have the original cam levers for the straps. Since they have a tendency to partially unbuckle sometimes during rescues, I was excited when CD came out with a fix by adding snap closures to the system. They had those for a couple of years and then went back to the original cam lever system - no idea why.

Price point. I was not aware they did that.

I have float bags front and rear in all my CD hulls in case buckles pop.

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If you need anything for a kayak go to TOPKAYAKER.COM Tom knows more about the kayak than the company that made it. Was having trouble with a rudder on my CD & in 3 questions he knew what the manufacture was for the rudder & how to fix it!!

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CD doesnt have stuff to build yak so they are not selling anything that they need. If it’s for a discontinued yak & they have it you can buy it. That’s what happens when everything comes from overseas.

Thanks for all the awesome advice! There’s some great stuff here! I’m printing and going through it all one comment at a time. My Solstice is going to get a great upgrade! Thanks again!


Bungee upgrade when i got home. Used 1/4" this time. No clue why I had 3/16" on it.