Convince me to spend money on a new paddle

I just went thru this length thing but in the opposite direction. I took a slightly different approach I don’t know if this is right or wrong or if my stroke is right or wrong but it is where I’m at now. Not sure if the fact I’m paddling a tandem canoe as a solo with the seat moved to the center.

I had a 230cm paddle and was hitting the gunwales when my stroke felt correct and when I would force myself to miss them the stroke felt less shallow than what I like.

So I went out with my 230cm and a couple pieces of tape and marked the center and then marked 2 new centers when I shifted the paddle over to make it longer on the end I was using. Of course I was shifting back and forth but it was simulating the amount longer I needed the paddle. My paddle is a cheap two piece so I made an extension piece that clips in like the paddle goes together. I repositioned the hand grips and tried it out 260cm is my magic number. The extension works fine and you couldn’t tell it was now 3 pieces and the plan is to buy a better paddle next year and by then I will know what I think completely of the new length. If anything with the longer lever arm my blade area may need to be smaller. So far I don’t find it too large though.

It is simple to try out a shorter or longer length just shift the paddle off center. :canoe:

Life is short, if you like kayaking, get a good paddle. I have the Sawyer Orca Vlam crankshaft and love it. Sawyer Orca V-Lam Kayak Paddle. I’ve had it over 15 years, every once in awhile I give it a light sanding with synthetic steel wool, wipe it down and then recoat with Marine varnish. Looks like new!

The shaft helps with wrist, arm and hand fatigue. Plus it is LIGHT. It appears they are all backordered through Aug, 16, 2021, so you have some time to consider it.