Garage storage

Finally moving into a new house with a garage after never having one before and having to keep my kayaks in the backyard under a tarp. I’ve got three, a Current Design Gulfstream, and two WS Tsunamis 12’ and 14’. Just looking for recommendation on best way to store them, J-hooks, straps (and should the straps be placed so they line up with the bulkheads?). Any input is appreciated.

I have two in my Garage, which is about to change as I upgrade to a 14’ yak this spring… but for now, one in the ceiling, the other on wall mounted hooks.

I have a three level kayak condo…

Suspenz makes a variety of soft-suspension racks for hanging paddlecraft. We have one that holds two sea kayaks on two freestanding supports that the rack arms bolt into.

The spread can easily be changed due to the standalone supports. They can also be connected with a simple bar (available as an option, or make one yourself), and linked stands can have casters added to make moving the entire system easier, even with kayaks on them. OR you can just attach the arms directly into wall studs, without any other support.

I don’t know where you live, but I have a new extra pair of the standard kayak arms I would sell el cheapo at half-price. Email me privately if you are interested. These are the rack arms:

There might be something in here…How do you mount/store your kayak?

Lots of options here too:

I got these hanger hooks off Amazon for $9 for a set of two, added a piece of pool noodle for extra padding and I couldn’t be happier.


A simple and effective way to store is to make your own cradles using galvanized or black steel water pipes. I did this with my kayaks in a storage building. 2 - 3/4” floor flanges, whatever length of pipes for your desired lean angle, 2 - 45 degree elbows, and 2 shorter pipes to create the J. Put a little carpet or foam exercise pad on the wall if desired, cover the pipe with pool noodles to protect the boats. Has worked well for me for many years. I can supply pics of mine if you need them.
Good luck.

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Here’s what I have done with great success! I screwed two of these into the wall and rest my kayak on them. Then just loop a strap around it to keep it from falling off.

I actually have these on the cyclone fence in my driveway and they have worked very well for more than a year. They fold up and out of the way when the kayak is removed.

Now I just bought 2 more to hold my paddles in the garage. They are definitely worth the money!!!

Yup - I got the same ones from Walmart for about the same cost. Yes, I added pool noodles too!!!

I’d like to see photos of that pipe setup!

Ok I will try to find my old pics ASAP. I’m not where o can take new ones right now. Stay tuned.

Here’s the only pic I have access too right now.
I used 3/4” galvanized but 1/2” would probably work for light rec yaks. My canoe is on straight pipes with bungee straps for extra support And safety.
Remember: the longer the angled pipe piece is the harder it makes it to remove the boat since you have to lift it higher and in a cramped environment that can cause bad words to come out of your mouth.


I also use Suspenz racks. The deluxe ones:

I love that my boat is supported by a form fitting strap, instead of anything hard. But the icing in the cake is that I don’t have to lift my kayak out- the “rail” folds down so you can pull the boat straight off. I’m pretty small and this the easiest rack for me to get my 17 foot boat in and out of. For me that’s makes the expense of these racks worth it!

I’ve also used the ceiling racks that Photex mentioned for plastic rec boats and liked them, but never felt comfortable hanging my fiberglass boat from them.


Hi all, brand new here, just wanted to get feedback on this. I just put the racks up, is it reasonable to store my kayak like this???

Thanks in advance, happy Friday!

Yes, although I’d suggest a little foam or pool noodle between the yak and rack… but looks good!

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