More spring temps in February

My wife’s from Wisconsin. We have an on going competition every Winter about who gets more snow. She’ll show me pictures sent to her from relatives living everywhere between Milwaukee and Door County, where I am thus presented with the latest snowfall amounts: “You lose again, Giants fan!” My usual reply to this is threatening to solicit pictures from an Uncle who lives in Buffalo…Just to show her what true devastation is.:crazy_face::cold_face:


Yeah, most years there are lots of folks who get more snow than we do - Buffalo among them. And the UP and most western mountains. We get pretty cold and often icy snow, but in terms of shear volume there are snowier places.
But not the LA area.
And I don’t believe I’ve ever seen cranes this early.

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No cranes in Wisconsin’s Northwoods today. Winter storm warning on deck for tomorrow.

The bank in southern New England is pretty depleted, but things are pretty good up in NH, so I am pretty sure there will be trips north this spring.

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Yeah, they have been around southern Michigan for a couple of weeks. One flew over this evening.

Signs of spring on yesterday’s paddle: gulls and buffleheads on their way north, red-winged blackbirds in for the summer. Cranes are here year-round, north of Ann Arbor.

Spring may have sprung here.

Temps in the 40s (49 one day) and winds of 20 to 45 MPH are melting the snow like gang busters.
Now if we just don’t get a fast increase in temps and if we don’t get any heavy rains we may end up with a very good year. Flooding is now a concern, but that should not be a huge problem IF we don’t heat up too fast or get rains in the mountains. The forecast is for another snow, but only 1" expected on the valley floor. We’ll have to wait and see, but winter can’t old on much longer.

Aha! Looks like my river she’s a finally startin’ to thaw.

Around here the ponds/lakes may have iced over for a couple of days, but that is about it - no Ice fishing this year.

26 inches of snow here this week with the Nor’easter. That’s a pack that’ll guarantee some boffo “March Madness” mountain surf, right into April showers time. The end of February-thaw also took all the hard ice out of the rivers and creeks. With temps now expected to stay above 40F–I’m ready to get off my butt boater winter ass!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

We got 3" of rain in RI. Most rivers quickly peaked and will be back to normal flows this weekend. Family stuff to do this weekend, so I don’t think I’ll get to take advantage of what’s left. The good news is that there is lots of snow to the north and west. All the dam releases will happen, and there should be some natural flow rivers that come up. April should be a great month for paddling. :slight_smile:

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I spent the afternoon after my final dentist visit for 6 months playing fetch with Honey and sitting in a wonderful setting sunbeam. Still chilly and probably got a pink face but It felt SO Good!
And I had my first sub in 3 months that wasn’t cut in small pieces.
78 on Thursday .

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Grrrr. :angry:

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Well around here…the robins have left. …the pollen is less…trees are greening up…the buzzards have thinned out …water temp was 61.9F to his morning. Spring is coming to y’all.

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Weatherman says we’ll get snow tomorrow and Thursday.

But overall it’s warmed up a lot. I am sure by April things will start to look promising.

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Robins and vultures are here but spring isn’t. Central Ontario, Canada.

You missed the point. Here in Florida, along with a lot of Canadian “seasonals”, we see seasons change differently. Up there seasons hit one like a baseball bat, big change. Here seasons change like a feather, little changes.

So spring is coming. Those birds are some of the first seasonal changes here. Then in all those places north of us, but gradually. The seasonals will see progression as they leave in the next few weeks. It’s going to be hot again, tomorrow.

Don’t worry it will be spring in Canada before you know it, both days. :wink:

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Thanks that made me laugh. 2 days lol, but sometimes true.

The weather man says snow possible tonight, and very likely next Monday and Tuesday.

Spring’s supposed to be here, but someone seems to have misplaced it. We can’t seem to find it around here.

I just read an article about wild animals starving in Wyoming because the winter has neen so harsh. Sad