Old sea kayak models (out of production)

The Purple Avocet is the standard size. The other kayak is a Nordkapp LV. I am not nearly stout enough, to fit an Assateague. That is a big dudes kayak.

Good enough! I’d need an LV but I really love the color.

Haha, I mean Assateague Island. The horses…

Those horses are on Carrot Island, near Beaufort NC. Shackleford Banks is ; across Core Sound, is more famous for horses in this area. Cedar Island in north Core Sound has horse and wild cattle.

My father had an Impex Assateague, many years ago. It was a big guy kayak.

Oh, neat. We paddled around Assateague in 2019 and it was amazing (more horses). I forget that there is a boat called that because it is not for me :slight_smile: I know Impex makes a little boat, but I didn’t find one when I was in the market.

Even though I love the color, I am responsible enough to choose fit over appearance and LV is more important. I love yellow and green too - my short boat is both.

Avocet LVs for all!

I saw one a while back on Craigslist and was very excited. Of course by the time I messaged the seller it was sold. I comforted myself slightly with the fact that it was red. I don’t personally like red. But I sure would’ve bought it anyway if it fit me well.


Doggy, What is it about red kayaks? I like red, however do not like all red kayaks? Red deck & white hull on a fiberglass kayak is fine with me, however not all red…wish my all red Stratos were just about any other color. I once passed on a Sirocco because it was all red and slightly overpriced.

I just think red clashes with natural surroundings in a way blue, green, white, or even yellow do not. Plus it’s not flattering on me :wink: Nothing significant, just my personal preference.

Red was not my first choice for my Arctic Hawk, I was just happy to get one so color was second.
I would trade it for the green one an hour from me, who know there were so many hiding so close.

I’d totally buy any good red kayak that fit me well without a second thought, despite my preferences. But, if I miss out, it makes for good sour grapes.

Not for everyone! Some people won’t fit or don’t like a boat to fit that way. I prefer not red, too.

I like red - have had several red kayaks, at one point my whole fleet was red or orange. I like the contrast especially against green foliage or turquoise water.

I have diversified my colors now but still like red, although I pretty much like any color as long as it’s visible.

Kajaksport Artisan Millennium

WS Piccolo’s, such a shame! Great boat for kids and small adults.

I stopped 10 years ago at my local indie outfitter just to get a tube of Aquaseal to touch up seams on my skin-on-frame and they had a bunch of kayaks displayed outside for their late Summer clearance “sidewalk” sale. I confess I was attracted to the boat solely because it was my favorite color: bright leaf green. I really had no “need” of another kayak at that point (there were already 5 in the “fleet”) but it was 30% off ($720!) – and SO pretty… So I whipped out the MasterCard and bought it without even having sat inside it, hoisted it onto my roof rack parked 15’ from the display. Quite an impulse indulgence.

Fortunately it turned out to be a terrific kayak that fits me perfectly and by now has gone all over the place with me. Sort of a hard shell version of my Feathercraft Wisper folder (seen with that one in the pic at my local Yough launch ramp). I dubbed it “Snow Pea” and my Venture Easky 15LV is one I will never tire of paddling. Sold the other poly boats once I got it – couldn’t bear to use them after I had the better option.

Really a shame that P & H discontinued it in the US. Really versatile, affordable and well designed and outfitted boat with some open water talent and a great fit for us smaller to mid sized folks. (kinda preaching to the converted here, since I know Doggy_Paddler had one too until recently.)


Just sold my 1984 Current Designs Equinox, the original Brian Henry designed west coast paddler. I loved it and logged many trips in it.

Impex, the whole line was really good.
My Assateuage perfect for a big paddler like me.