Old sea kayak models (out of production)


$5/year rental on that Magellan.

I like to compare my yaks to automobiles.

Valley Nordkapp, in carbon/Kevlar. My midlife crisis sports car.

Impex Assateague. My capable SUV that carries a ton, yet handles well and rolls easily.

Mariner Coaster. Always wanted one, luckily I just found a cream puff with the rear bulkhead/hatch and nary a scratch. I have been scratching my head for an automobile reference to no avail. But an Adventure Motorcycle is the closest I came. It will go anywhere, especially tight spots, and handles any weather related conditions.

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Mariner Escape…heavily loaded with 12 gauge shotgun and Sorel Feltpacs s of Sitka Alaska in October…and then in Baja…I don’t remember it being slow…just exceedingly seaworthy in all conditions.

Just bought a cream puff 2007 Wilderness Systems Tempest 180 pro…for $600 (!) other than the heavy weight probably better in every way than the Escape (and later Mariner MAX and Pygmys). This is my retirement boat and a keeper.

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Have had my yellow kevlar QCC 600 with rudder for 15 years now, still going strong, love it. Excellent, strong, very maneuverable, safe kayak. Have had it on Lk Superior & LK MI. Wouldn’t trade it,…was an excellent company in the beginning.


Greenland Double - skin on frame by Seavivor.
I have one for sale.

Just bought this Wilderness Systems Tempest 180Pro for $600 with CF paddles and skirts…they just don’t

make boats like this anymore. Good news for us is there is a plentiful supple of lightly used boats out there (and cheaper in Texas!)