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Yeah, very interesting spill job.

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If you get out at the state park be aware it will be crowded on weekend. Take kayak cart. They wouldn’t let us drive down to landing to pick up boats. …and camping gear. @$!#&. Haven’t been back.

Quite frankly if we did again I’d paddle out and backs current and distance was doable in the sea kayaks.

Weekends are horrible ever since they turned that area into a party spot.

Off you go to the far side and follow a little inlet in, past where the rentals get taken out, you can take out on the edge of the parking lot. It’s also where the shuttle picks up.

Good one!

16 mile paddle around Honeymoon Island and Three Rooker Bar today


Somewhere on the NJ shore…


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Fabulous setup. Is it commercially available?

Yes - this is a Sea Dog sail, Flat Earth and Falcon are the other two that make similar setups. The kayak is a Mirage 580 but these sails can be installed on almost any kayak. Lots of fun!


Blue Bird Morning at Wolf Beach
Calvert Island, BC
Choked Passage is a wonderful place to wake up and start your day

51 40’01.65”N 128 07’14.07”W


Haven’t been able to get out since December 31. Valdez was in the 20s December 31 . 0 on January 1 with 50 kt winds, Getting saddle time when I can. -10 on Cottonwood Creek, Knik Alaska.


Ten below? Yikes! How do you keep your hands warm?

Stay by the fireplace, but nice picture.

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Today on Tampa Bay. I won’t tell the northerners what the temperature was! I did have some good wind for sailing earlier in the morning but I thought the pic with the calm water and clouds was cool.


I was in Tampa Bay on an outrigger boat. Florida is an awesome place.

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New carry yoke for my chase guideboat


Beautiful Darkstar. But who uses curly maple as floor boards in a boat. You’re absolutely decadent.

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It’s meant to distract the competition!

Plus Im replying because I wanted to be post 1000