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Love the colors and the hat :+1:t3::butterfly:

Predators eat their preys entrails first because that is the most nutricient part of the body. Sweatbreads in human terms.

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The BC Coastal Wolves eat only the heads of Salmon that they catch. That way they avoid ingesting raw meat that has a parasite harmful to canines.


New Point Comfort, VA


I read that bears do that as well.

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Did you watch the documentary called Sea Wolves? Netflix

I eat raw fish about four times a week and yea, I have seen the worms on the dock in Hawaii. I really hope it’s been flash frozen.

Predators all eat their pray differently . The cat family usually eats the head first. Wolves tend to eat the rear hams first. Bears work their way for the meat first.


I haven’t seen that one. I just watched the trailer and it looks good. Sea Wolves, Rain Wolves, BC Coastal Wolves…I’ve studied them quite a bit and have a decent collection of books on them. Over 18 years of paddling those waters I can say that they are everywhere but seldom seen. A few weeks ago we stopped at a stream to filter water. It was early in the flood and the stream, streambed and shorelines were covered with headless Sockeyes. Many still dripping blood. We couldn’t count them all but a conservative estimate was 200 fish. Not a single wolf in sight. They had been feeding since high slack and when they saw us they disappeared. How many wolves does it take to catch and eat the heads off of 200 Sockeyes?

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:open_mouth: obviously a pack

We rode our bikes around Tofino area
and saw warning signs with their pictures.

The documentary was very good. It’s amazing they got such good video footage with the critter cams. I might need to watch it again.

Great story BTW, gave me goosebumps

Very hot but glass calm on the Gulf of Mexico today. (Im)patiently waiting for the first cold front to cool things down.


Love the cleat water.

Clear water!

Love those boat colors!

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Colorado River yesterday


You do get around. It is quite a trip from Germany to the Colorado River.

Likely via U(ber)-Boot

Yes we do but we flew the Dreamliner on points that he got when Uncle Sugar made him fly to Pakistan every week :grin: we had to fly home to get a drivers license renewed, they don’t make it easy for military.

I have had a circadian disruption all week because I still get sleepy on Germany time.

Lone paddler in Gig Harbor Washington (didn’t make it “home” this trip)


Gile flowage south of Hurley WI/Ironwood MI.