show off your boat ... let's see pics !!!

Haven’t been able to get in the water yet. Too cold and rainy now. At least the ice is out.


Couple of rare boats, WS Piccolo’s. Picked them up for the grandkids, they love them.


Just bought a second Impex for my spouse. Too good a deal to pass up, and she’s purty. :grin:

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Current Designs Extreme HV wide base seat.
21.25’ x 18.83’


Not my boat, but ran up with this thing on Bear Creek Lake NC. It had 3 separate decks, fabricated together. 4x6 posts framing the uprights, for the roof. Blue barrels providing the floatation. A 2x8 for a motor-mount, with three 25hp engines mounted. Nice sound system blaring old school metal and rock music. Three dogs, including a full fledged blood hound. Something you do not see, everyday.

That flag is one belonging to the SEALs.

The flag is attributed to Edward Teach, aka Black Beard the Pirate. But no historical records, that he actually used a flag as shown. Not sure about the Seals.

Best tracking boat ever !

Medwagone, you are correct. I think I got that from the TV show.

CD Expedition


Tandem Libra XT

Forum newbie with new toy…A 1994 Perception sea lion 17’. Moved up from a 8’ beginner big box boat, new rudder controls, deck bungles, electric bilge and seat/hip padding.

Been in the water twice practicing wet exit/ reentry, turning and bracing. No doubt looked silly to all the jet skiers trying to pull up out of the water onto the back deck while 15’ from the launch ramp but so worth it. Preping for a group camping trip from toledo mainland to put in bay late this summer.


Don’t worry about the jet skiers, they’re lazy! :grin:

Enjoy the new toy!

Added another boat to the fleet - a Mirage 580. Planning to use it for the Everglades Challenge in March 2022. Mirages are Australian built sea kayaks, highly regarded there but not terribly well known in the US. They use an interesting rudder setup with a fixed, pivoting fin that in profile makes up the stern of the kayak. This one is almost 20 years old so will need a bit of work, new hatches and a new seat (existing one is very uncomfortable). I also plan to add a Flat Earth sail.

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I just have the one boat, new to me though she’s a couple years older than I am. Can’t wait to traverse the galaxy in my Blackhawk Starship.


My Placids ready for their trip to the launch…


Newest addition


Is that an Anas Acuta?

Rudder is the weak point on them. My friend had one.

It doesn’t have a rudder, it is an Ana’s Acuta