Welcome to forum of beating a dead horse

if you get bored, try changing sides on the argument, just to liven things up. i like to do this to my friends. (usually just before i’m asked to leave) :slight_smile:



when i was little, my dad would ask if i got up from under the wrong side of the bed.

i like small cozy places. (thus, sit-inside kayaks for me, thank you. :slight_smile: )

and, no one should be criticized for anything posted pre-coffee. fundamental human right…

“and, no one should be criticized for anything posted pre-coffee. fundamental human right…”

I 100% agree with this. Also, nothing should be asked of anyone pre-coffee, because it is unclear as to the level of motivation said coffee will result in for that particular day.

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should i dress for air temp, or water temp? just not sure…


Stand Up Pony? hmmm…

I identify as a kayakist.

My pronouns are non-elite, non-feathered, skeg, not-(intentionally)-rolling, sit-inside, Ford, Apple, Beta, tp goes over the roll, and pineapple on pizza is okay. Favorite teams are Ospreys, Cherry & Whites, Cheetahs, Rebels, Claremont and at the international level, whoever is playing England or New Zealand.

Have I offended everyone yet? I can go religion and politics to round it off, if not.

Seriously, I like these forums. I’m new here, with more opinions and enthusiasm than smarts or experience. I’ve paddled around the block a few times, and I find this forum to be a breath of fresh air. I intend to keep coming back for a reminder of what keeps me sane. Thank you all for playing.

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Dhlewis, did you make that stuff up, or did you really know Mark Twain.

My grandkids even know that I need coffee or I get mean, and I have to pour the coffee before it loses its soul (five minutes).

Life is tough. I just got a new coffee mill. One that doesn’t beat the coffee, but grinds it. Once you get past the OSHA harness and the warnings about what can be washed, what gets brushed put, never let it operate without beans. In the hopper. And if it starts to flash for 5 seconds, RUN! It does a great job. Might be what some forum members need. Sometimes I even smile now.

Twain and I used to swim together in the Mississippi…okay, not really. I’m not quite THAT old, despite what my body feels like.

The quote is attributed to M Twain, but, origins are a bit murky…and there’s more than one version. A quick story about that quote…I had an uncle who opted to “drop out” on life for awhile. Like 16 or 17 years. One of the things that was learned, when he “resurfaced” is that in the intervening years they had both come across this quote, and had both committed it to memory. Off beat is genetic, and definitely runs deep in my DNA…

I love quotes. “There are some events that seem ordered for the illustration of life, and that is one!”

Like when I asked if you knew Mark T, the proper response is, “as far as you know!”


Well, apparently many of us are bored and in a holding pattern. 2.5 months until our first camping . A really nice looking campground with paddling lakes. Hopefully the black flies don’t come out early. The mozzies are easier to deal with.

A Stark Winter Is Always Comin’ and Go’n

“The Ole Eck has gone soft!”
I hear the Devil Sing from shoulder,
as from the waveski he is tossed,
and some canoe gets broached on boulder.

Ghosts of ponies kick the stable walls.
With this bent fork it’ll be six weeks muckin’!
Ruddered cows, skegged scags, yakked gnus, they’re droppin’.
On once sacred Coffee grounds we’ll be chuckin’.
(and Jim’s still In Paradise with any luckin’)


:+1:t4: :beer: :clinking_glasses:

Still waiting to see if another PNetter has the verbal agility and muse to complement/compete for the forums’ poet laureate perch.



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All I know is that it makes sense. Canoeswithduckheads, did you read the mask report?

i gotta remember that! :slight_smile:

Another Twain-ism (had to look this one up, too):

When I was younger I could remember anything, whether it happened or not; but my faculties are decaying, now, & soon I shall be so I cannot remember any but the latter. It is sad to go to pieces like this, but we all have to do it.

I’m a wordsmith, but I can’t compete with @canoeswithduckheads (besides…i haven’t had an original thought since the early 90s…)

I tip my quill…


Uh… Wordsmith “grasshopper”… you saw the “finger” pointing to the verbal “moon…” LOL!


PS. Sorry, you have to be a Bruce Lee fan to get the reference.

I’ll have to research Mr. Lee for the reference.



Here, I’ll save you a few minutes:



Have you been to his grave here in Seattle? I still have yet to go. Although I am not a huge fan admittedly (not saying I dislike him at all, just don’t know much), I want to learn more about him and maybe watch a movie or two of his.

Basically, he took the philiosophical teachings of Taoism and infused it into his approach, practice and method of MA training.