Wildlife photo thread

string, I’m no fan of spiders either! I still bear a scar on the back of my hand some 15+ years later as a result of a spider bite that took months to heal. I would have been freaking out or having my stomach do flip flops (probably both). I took great pains to be far, far away from it when we came back so it couldn’t jump onto me or my boat. I’d have capsized if that happened.

Took me a minute to find him!

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Lillyflowers, I considered abandoning ship since I was wearing Tevas and she was inches away . A couple of other guys were with us and really ragging me until they saw the spider. The comments became more like H… Shi…! I wouldn’t be in that canoe!
Later, I found out their bite isn’t poisonous but painful.
We do tend to ramble.

Ok, how do you get ducks to do that?

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They just did it one day. They might have thought I was going to feed them. Really don’t know why they did it.

Less-than-great cell phone pic, but we encountered these two yesterday:

I usually see cool stuff with current and a paddle in my hand so there are few pictures. I take them with my mind. On one trip we were surrounded by bald eagles and osprey every day, bighorn sheep, herds of elk swimming the river and beaver, otter and mink. There were deer fawns wandering into camp and does nursing by the river bank. We saw no bears but found some tracks. I am reluctant to name such a river, but already have plans to visit again.


The ducks have accepted you, and consider you part of the waterway


They look like American Black Duck. Those boyz are friendly